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I have attached the assignment guide and will attached the learning material that u can reference. Please use academic references.

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I have attached the assignment guide and will attached the learning material that u can reference. Please use academic references.
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Dilpreet answered on Aug 17 2021
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Understanding Community Organisations and Associated Concepts    3
Role of Community Organisations to Address Gaps in the Provision of Social Services    4
Challenges Faced by Community Organisations    5
Conclusion    5
References    6
The process of organising communities has been widely accepted by a number of developed and developing countries to assist the communities within the region to realise the social and health problems they might be facing and also helps them to address these issues and challenges. Communities are motivated to make use of their own social culture and available resources to achieve their community goals that have been agreed upon by the members of the community and have been decided by the community representative. These community goals are formulated in a way so that they may align with the attitudes and values of the local community.
Understanding Community Organisations and Associated Concepts
Community organisations in general may be defined as the organisations that are involved in charitable and other community-based activities that operates under the law of the government of the country and are not focused towards making profits. The purpose of these organisations is to support people to fight for the causes they believed are true while forming groups of people who are like-minded. According to Aiken, Taylor and Moran (2016), the aim of these organisations is to make desired improvements to the social status, medical well-being and overall functioning of the communities, who have been otherwise neglected mostly as a result of colonisation. To put in simple words, community organisations can be defined as the process of people coming together in order to address the issues that matter to them and make a difference to the way they live today and the way they have been living in the past.
Some of the most prominent concepts associated with community organisations can be identified as:
Locality Development
This concept focuses primarily on the empowerment of the community and to help the community to build and sustain. This concept further focuses on getting people together to work in a common direction so that they can work in collaboration with each other and can make unanimous decisions...

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