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A process description or analysis is generally one that describes and explains a sequence of events in chronological order. A set of instructions gives information that helps the reader perform the...

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A process description or analysis is generally one that describes and explains a sequence of events in chronological order. A set of instructions gives information that helps the reader perform the process that is described.

You cannot be a source of information for the text of this assignment. You may, however, draw necessary diagrams yourself. A grade of zero will be placed on sections without appropriate sources.

Research sources for the information you need, but be sure to write all parts of this assignment in your own words (PARAPHRASE). Plagiarism and cheating will result in a grade of 0. Be sure to include source information at the end of each paragraph

Two visuals are required (one must be in the Process section). Refer to each visual in the text, number and title each visual, and provide source information.

“Readers of process analyses want to know how and why a process occurs, so a writer’s first order of business is to divide the process into parts or principles.”

is written in third-person
follows a chronological pattern
includes serious, reflective phrasing
includes precise, accurate vocabulary
presents a formal appearance (headings, formal illustrations, and *formal documentation of sources). *For the purpose of this assignment, include the website address or title of the book/article and author’s name after EACH paragraph).

Your paper should include three headings (FULL CAPS, bolded and 12pt. font):

INTRODUCTION: definition, purpose, brief description of the process, and preview of stages (numbered stages).
THE PROCESS: include the same stages (as previewed in the introduction) as subheadings
SUMMARY: include one complete operating cycle

Your writing should include an introduction, body and conclusion. These sections should be expanded to include the various headings and subheadings dealing with your topic.
This information should be clear and concise and in chronological order.
Use present tense / third person / active or passive voice / formal headings / precise and accurate language / documentation.

Use Ariel or Times New Roman (size 12) font. This must be completed as a Word document.

You must reference any research material used. Please provide all necessary information in your reference page and use in-text citations within the document.
Proofread for errors in spelling, mechanics, and structure.
Submit Assignment Two via the Dropbox as described below
  • This assignment should beat least four pages, single-spaced, including appropriate graphics. Pleasenumberyour pages.
  • Introduction: definition, purpose, brief description, preview of stages
    The Process: describe stages involved
    Visuals: placed where appropriate with captions
    Summary: one complete cycle briefly explained

    Required steps: use some paragraphs but mostly numbered point form
    Visuals: placed where appropriate - flowcharts, tables, photographs, illustrations, drawings, or graphs
    Clear, concise, exact list of instructions
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    Operation of a Piston Engine         2
    Table of Contents
    THE PROCESS    3
    The operation of the Piston engines is one of the most common aspects that are followed in the mechanism of the engines. This is more prominent in the reciprocation of the piston engines which are quite common in the power plants developing aviation or aircraft engines. The engines are somehow identical to automobile engines and there are various aspects that are followed in terms of the operation of such engines.
    In most cases, a heat engine is a machine that is effectively used by burning fuels and is mechanized in the aspect of the conversion of mechanical energy into heat energy. The heat engine is often used for generating thermal energy which transforms it into mechanical. Heat engines are classified on the basis of the combustion of fuel and also on the types of fuel used.
    The process of the entire engine is likely to operate on the basis of the conversion and the aspects of reciprocation of the rotatory motion of the crankshaft which is connected by the means of the connecting rod. This is contemplated by the please turn which is effectively operating in terms of the reciprocation of the cylinder which is fitted very close. In this prospect, the Rings that are provided in the circumferential spaces of the Piston are operating in terms of preventing the leakage of the gases from the sides of the piston. In the following step, the cylinder is a board in a block and a gasket where is usually made from copper sheets or asbestos and is penetrated within the space that is located between the cylinder and the cylinder head to avoid any kind of leakage (Hrynkiv et al., 2020).
    In most of the connected spaces, the connecting rod connects with the Piston and the crankshaft in terms of the combustion space that is provided and the cylinder head where the combustion takes place. At the end of such process, the connecting rod is connected to the pistol which is also called a small in, and a pin called the gudgeon pin is placed for connecting the Piston and the connecting rod at the small end. On the rotation of the crankshaft where it has been continued in the form of a rotatory motion is transmitted by connecting the rod and the crankshaft is obviously to make a rotatory motion. These parts are again rotated in the form of main bearings that are fitted such that a flywheel is provided at one end of the shaft that modern the uneven torque which is produced within the operation of the engine. There is an oil at the bottom of the engine that is mostly used for lu
    icating the entire...

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