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i am uploading an assignment please give it to me on time

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i am uploading an assignment please give it to me on time
Answered Same Day Aug 01, 2020 SBM3302


Meenal answered on Aug 01 2020
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Project Challenges
There were five main challenges faced by this project:
▪ Enormous challenge to keep more than 140,000 vehicles moving through the project co
idor with a speed limit of 80 kilometer per hour. Since this is the most important goal to be completed by the company, I have weighted it 30 out of 100 in the evaluation matrix (goal 1).
▪ maintaining a fast-track schedule, while controlling costs. A relatively low key but a very significant criteria weighs 15 in the evaluation matrix (goal 2).
▪ prioritizing the safety of workers and the public by diverting traffic from Paramatta road. Safety of the workers is again a very important criteria; therefore it weighs 20 in the evaluation matrix (goal 3).
▪ creating a unified cohesive team at the management level that included several individuals from the owner, WestLINK and many other organizations. Since
inging together a dedicated team for such an enormous project is a very important factor to be able to meet the cost and deadline requirements, the criterion weighs 15 in the evaluation matrix (goal 4).
▪ Meeting the deadline for the 2023, while setting an industry standard for future design-build projects. For WestLINK, it was extremely important that the deadline is met with no cost ove
un the Government budget. Meeting the deadline is very important for the government as well as the general public, this criterion secures 20 in the evaluation matrix (goal 5).
Project delivery:
1.    Design Bid Build:
Although this delivery system results in minimum total cost of construction, but it pose some threats as well. Since this type of system is primarily based on lowest price, the contractor is not always very qualified, takes time in getting familiar with the designing team and gaining trust of his team members. Sometimes a delay in the selection of a contractor delays the construction starting time thereby resulting in a much longer time to finish the project than anticipated. (n.d.) www.
The design bid build method does not fulfill any of the criteria to a significant level, hence this is the least favorable method for project delivery. However since this method will result in no extra costs, it will fulfill goal 5 to a certain extent. Hence this project delivery method scores 3 out of 10 in the evaluation matrix. Safety of the workers is also ensured to some extent in this method (because it is a slow motion project delivery type), goal 2 scores 2 out of 10. The rest of the criteria also will not be able to meet expectations with the design bid build method, hence they each score 2 out of 10 in the evaluation matrix.
2.    CM @risk:
This system nullifies the abovementioned risks but is very time consuming, since it needs a large number of subcontractors for different types of work and requires the construction manager to keep a fair account for overhead costs and report contingencies, if any. (n.d.) www.
This method will ensure delivery of the project on time while keeping costs to a minimum, hence this method is most favorable for achieving goal 2 and goal 5. Hence this scores 6 out of 10 for the mentioned criteria (goal 2 and goal 5).
Because a large number of contractors and sub-contractors are involved in the project, creating a unified and diligent team will be a tedious task. So goal 4 will be difficult to achieve. Hence this scores 4 in the evaluation matrix. Goal 1 and goal 3 score 3 in the evaluation matrix because they will not be significantly affected when choosing CM @risk delivery method.
3.    Design build:
The best project delivery system now a days is the design build system where a general contractor undertakes all responsibility of the project...

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