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2. Submit Human Resources Brief to the Human Resources Manager (your assessor). Write the text of an email to promote change management team building training to all staff (your assessor) To inform...

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2. Submit Human Resources Brief to the Human Resources Manager (your assessor).
Write the text of an email to promote change management team building training to all staff
(your assessor)
To inform your staff via email, consider how you could best promote the training to staff to
overeome resistance to change. Review change management literature to inform your response.
This may be the same literature you identified from the other assessment tasks.
Outlining the rationale for the training, as well as the benefits of the training. Use the ideas that
you have researched to overcome resistance to change. Briefly outline some of the proposed
ideas for the training.
As a guide, your email should be between 3 to 4 paragraphs long.
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Assessment Task 4 lnstructions
Carefully read the following:
Assurne that the change management plan that was adopted by Samson Media includes training and
development for staff in a number of areas. One of these training areas is change management team
uilding, which is considered to be especially important during the change management process.
The training is to be delivered over an eight-week period for approximately 2 hours a week. You have also
identified that experts such as motivational speakers could also be hired for this.
You have also been given the task, in the role of Operations Manager, to send a
ief to the human
esources department. This
ief will be used to guide human resources personnel in regard to organising
the change management team building training and to give your ideas about the content that should be
included in the training.
Assume that, as you also believe there may be resistance to the training due to a general resistance to the
changes, that you also develop a staff communication to promote the benefits of the upcoming training and
assessment to assist in overcoming resistance to change.
Com plete the following activities:
Develop, Hur"n Resources Brief
To inform your
ief to human resources about the proposed training, conduct research about
the benefits of change management team building, as well as ideas for the content of the
training and experts who could assist in providing the training. You should come up with at least
two ideas for team building exercises. Your
ief should be no more than one page.
Using your research develop a short one-page
ief to send to the human resources department
outlining the requirement to conduct the training as part of the change management process
and the timing of the training.
Outline the benefits of the training, as well as the ideas you have researched for the content of
the training, as well as possible experts who could conduct the training.
BSBlNN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change
Student Assessment Tasks
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Table of Contents
Human Resource Briefing Report    3
1. Purpose of the Report    3
2. Proposed Training Methods    3
3. Benefits of Change Management    4
4. Experts who could Provide Training    4
5. Benefits of Training    5
6. Conclusion    5
Email to Staff    6
References    7
Human Resource Briefing Report
1. Purpose of the Report
The main purpose of the human resources report is to make sure the right person hired, recruited and retained. It focuses on better understanding of business and its personnel spot upcoming issues and problems. As mentioned by Angela-Eliza and Valentina (2017), it gives proactive and innovative solutions to manage the human workforce and improves efficiency in final outcome of the organization. In this report, Samson media is going through a major digital change.
Implementation of the digital transformation framework covers such aspects as process management, staff productivity, user experience, technology implementation and company's culture. Both businesses and customers greatly benefit from transformation processes.
2. Proposed Training Methods
Samson media has decided to give training to their employee via two training methods.
· E learning
It is a form of online process of learning; all employees needs a tab, phone and internet connection to access the learning. Samson media chose this training method so that employee could get theoretical knowledge about the digital publication. Mustafa, Tourkia and Ramadan (2017) have described it will save time and cost of the organization and employee can take lectures any number of times and offers access to updated content.
· Expertise
In case of hiring external expertise, Samson media will get qualified person with right experience for position. Expert would have clear view to challenges and fresh ideas that would guide the organization to take further steps. These experts are professional of digital publication and digital transformation. Expertise knowledge is necessary for the top-level management. In addition to this, apart from having professional knowledge, they also have to act in unbiased nature.
3. Benefits of Change Management
When a...

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