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Sangeeta answered on Mar 19 2020
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1. Examine the influence of the external environment on the organisation
The external environment influenced the external environment of Queensland Payroll system. Firstly, there were beginning signs of insufficient internal governance as well as mismanagement before the Health payroll project of QLD was provided to IBM during the year 2007 (Sharma, 2013). Secondly, the Queensland Treasury had put in the previous two years "burning through the budget" through attempting to execute a consistent SAP-based finance and HR system all through the government procedures, the very same standards that were selected for the Queensland Health payroll venture. Thirdly, there were flawed systems, which were rolled out impulsively and led to major blowouts at the cost of taxpayers. Also, they focus upon the systemic deficits within internal governance, sound controls over budgets, contract management and comprehensive testing and execution systems. The let-down of QLD payroll system left a large number of employees with less or no pay (Sharma, 2013).
Fourthly, the QLD payroll system failed critical UAT (user acceptance testing) procedures but rather than addressing the problems, the testing bar was simply dropped and fewer stringent procedures taken up for getting the a
angement out the door for meeting a time imperative....

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