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Microsoft Word - BIZ102_Assessment Brief 2_Reflective Journal 2_EI.docx BIZ102_Assessment Brief1_Reflective journal _module 1‐3 Page 1 of 4 ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Title...

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Microsoft Word - BIZ102_Assessment Brief 2_Reflective Journal 2_EI.docx
BIZ102_Assessment Brief1_Reflective journal _module 1‐3  Page 1 of 4 
Subject Code and Title  BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations 
Assessment  Reflective Journal 2 
Individual/Group  Individual 
Length  700 words (+/‐ 10%)  
Learning Outcomes  a) Understand the importance of self‐ awareness, 
emotional  intelligence, and motivation. 
c) Integrate strategies to effectively interact with     
others in a professional context.  
d) Integrate strategies to effectively interact with 
others in a professional context.  
e) Reflect on feedback to identify opportunities  for 
Submission  By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 3 (week 6)  
Weighting  20%  
Total Marks  100 marks 
A key to self‐directed learning is reflection. Reflection enables the ability to examine 
situations in order to better understand the su
ounding context and identify potential 
improvements for the future. This assessment aims to develop your self‐awareness and 
eflective learning ability while assessing your understanding of the topics covered.  
Complete the Emotional Intelligence self assessment prescribed in Module 3 of the subject.  
Compose a reflective essay addressing the four questions below.  Include a minimum of 
three academic references to support your ideas, cited using APA style referencing. 
Guiding questions: 
1. To what extent do you agree with the results of the self‐assessment? 
2. What have you learnt about yourself from the results of this self‐assessment? 
3. What theoretical concepts from this module give you a greater understanding of this 
BIZ102_Assessment Brief1_Reflective journal _module 1‐3  Page 2 of 4 
4. How might you use the insight from this self‐assessment to improve your 
professional practice? 
BIZ102_Assessment Brief1_Reflective journal _module 1‐3              Page 3 of 4 
Learning Ru
ic for Parts A and B
Fail (Unacceptable) 
High Distinction
Analysis of and 
eflection on self‐
assessment results 
No analysis of professional 
competencies and 
employability attributes  
No description of personal 
Some analysis of 
competencies and 
Some description of 
personal insights. 
Good analysis of 
competencies and 
Good description of 
personal insights.  
Very good analysis of 
competencies and 
employability attributes. 
Very good description of 
personal insights. 
Excellent analysis of 
professional competencies 
and employability 
Excellent description of 
personal insights. 
identification and 
explanation of 
theoretical concepts 
and their impact on 
the case study 
No theoretical concepts 
from the module have 
een identified or 
Theory’s impact on the 
scenario has not been 
Theoretical concepts 
are identified and 
explained with minor 
The theoretical 
concept’s impact on the 
scenario has not been 
clearly identified. 
Theoretical concepts 
are accurately 
identified and 
The theoretical 
concept’s impact on the 
scenario has been 
explained with minor 
ors or clarity issues. 
Theoretical concepts are 
accurately identified and 
The theoretical concept’s 
impact on the scenario 
has been explained 
clearly and concisely 
without e
Theoretical concepts are 
accurately identified and 
The theoretical concept’s 
impact on the scenario has 
een explained clearly and 
concisely without e
and with a degree of 
synthesis and critical 
Evidence of 
understanding of 
concepts to 
students own 
professional skill 
Journal entry does not 
articulate how the scenario 
or theory from the module 
can be applied to 
professional practice.  
Journal entry generically 
articulates how the 
scenario might give 
insight into professional 
practice with no link to 
theory from the 
Journal entry 
generically articulates 
how the scenario and 
application of 
theoretical concepts 
from the module can 
e applied to improve a 
Journal entry shows 
evidence of reflective 
thinking and articulates 
how the scenario and 
application of theoretical 
concepts from the 
module can be applied to 
Journal entry shows 
evidence of significant 
eflective thinking and 
clearly articulates how the 
scenario and application of 
theoretical concepts from 
the module can be applied 
BIZ102_Assessment Brief1_Reflective journal _module 1‐3              Page 4 of 4 
person’s professional 
improve their individual 
professional skills 
to improve their individual 
professional skills 
Entry meets 
equirements in 
instructions (e.g. 
Word count 
equirements and 
Journal entry is written in 
Q&A format not paragraph 
format, no references used 
or references NOT in APA 
eferencing style.  
Reflective journal entry is 
significantly outside the 
word limit parameters.  
Journal entry is either 
written in Q&A format 
or does not have the 
appropriate number of 
eferences written in a 
ect referencing 
Journal entry is outside 
of the word count 
Journal entry is written 
in paragraph format 
with appropriate 
number of references 
with major e
ors in the 
eferencing style.  
Journal entry is within 
the word count 
Journal entry is written in 
excellent paragraph 
format with the 
appropriate number of 
eferences written in APA 
eferencing style with 
minor e
Journal entry is within 
the word count 
Journal entry is written in 
excellent paragraph 
format with the 
appropriate number of 
eferences written in APA 
eferencing style without 
Journal entry is within the 
word count parameters. 

BS in Business
BIZ102: Understanding People and Organizations
Reflective Essay on SELF-ASSESSMENT
Submitted by:
Umar Farooq
“It is an approach to find out about yourself by social event information that incorporates data about your business related esteems, interests, identity compose, and aptitudes”.
· To what extent do you agree with the results of self assessment? Use examples from your professional practice to support your views.
I absolutely concur with the consequences of this self appraisal test as in my Professional life I work in Security Industry , which comprises of the people from various foundation alongside various social esteems and when there is an extensive number of individuals in group I discover trouble in working with them as a productive colleague. I need to confront a considerable measure of issues while working with bigger groups like absence of powerful co
espondence, complex hierarchy of leadership, I feel less profitable and less drew in with my activity. That is the primary reason of getting 4 out of 10 out of a competency like "working well with other people''. Be that as it may, from the aftereffects of this test I now became more acquainted with about my shortcomings and how to beat them, I will be presently doing inside and out procedures to
eak down and tackle my issues so as to grow entrenched working connections.
· What have you learnt about yourself from the results of this self assessment?
From the consequence of this self appraisal test I became more acquainted with about my regions of advancement. I have learnt that my level of capability needs significantly greater change in the abilities like; Analyzing and solving problems, working well with others, learning and self-development.
1. Analyzing and solving problems:
As I scored 7% marks in this competency, so the result shows that a lot more can be improved to gain success in this area of development. It can be improved by:
· Reviewing the issues and results with respect to the past activities and social event exact information and data keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend them.
· Gathering data from extra sources while examining and settling issues.
· Analyzing and understanding the circumstance by get-together the data through reports, studies and from the individual experience of people here.
· By distinguishing the interior and outside elements that may move toward becoming obstacle in advance change.
2. Working well with others:
According to the results of self assessment test, this area needs a lot more attention as compared to the others in order to be successful.
It can be enhanced by:
· Developing and keeping up successful and sound working connections.
· Interacts successfully and productively with the general population from different background by turning into a piece of Company's discretionary gatherings, trainings and get-togethers.

· By helping the others (collaborators) in accomplishing their objectives and goals.
· By turning into a piece of cooperation and by supporting the group choices once they have been made.
· By perceiving and showing compassion for other's sentiments, needs and concerns.
3. Learning and Self-development:
Learning and self development is all about assessing personal skills and qualities, setting aims and objectives in order to realize and maximize one’s own potential. According to my result I can further improve this area by;
· Identifying and evaluating my own particular learning holes, aptitudes and regions of information that may should be enhanced for present and future.
· Seeking out the open doors with a specific end goal to learn and enhance as an expert.
· Applying learning and preparing to proficient setting.
· Critically assessing my own particular qualities and shortcomings and making particular activities for those te
itories where improvement is required.
· By regarding both achievement and disappointments as learning openings.
Part –c
· How might you use the insight from this self assessment to improve your professional practice?
This self assessment test can be a lot more help in improving professional practice.
· Through this self appraisal I can enhance my own practices by recognizing and assessing my qualities and shortcomings for facilitate proficient improvement.
· I may have the capacity to grow entrenched associations with my colleagues.
· I can contribute significantly more in my self-improvement by investigating and explaining the issues in more successful way.
· I think I am presently ready to set all the more difficult objectives and goals for myself and creating compelling activity intends to accomplish them.
· I have a feeling that I am sufficiently sure to beat my shortcomings and may be capable search for the open doors that will help me in adapting new aptitudes.
· I would now be able to set an assortment of value norms for myself and assess them by utilizing logical instruments.
· To position myself in an association as a supporter of progress, I would now be able to distinguish critical changes that are going on and volunteer to help executing the progressions.
Answered Same Day Mar 18, 2020 BIZ102


Sangeeta answered on Mar 21 2020
140 Votes
Reflective Pape
I completely agree with the results of the self-assessment test as in my Professional life I am associated with Security sector, that involves individuals from different background and hold diverse social esteems. I have observed that at the time when there are several people in group I face difficulty while operating with them like a productive associate. I need deal with several issues when operating with bigger groups such as absence of influential communication, multifaceted hierarchy of leadership and feeling of being less profitable. These are the key reasons why I scored 4 out of 10 in competency such as “working well with other people''. The self-assessment test has made me fully aware of my strengths and weaknesses i.e. areas I am good at and areas where improvement is needed. The test has also made it possible for me to discover ways of dealing with my weaknesses.
Areas of Improvement
through self-assessment test I have found that I need to lay high focus upon my analysing and solving problems skills, working well with others skills and finally, learning and self-development skills.
Analysing and solving problems skills
I scored only 7 percent marks in this competency, which shows a lot more could be enhanced for gaining success within this area of development. I can further improve upon my analysing and solving problems skills by following certain steps. Firstly, reviewing the issues and results with respect to the past activities and social event, considering the end goal for comprehending them. Secondly, gathering...

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