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Hi, i need Formal lab report done on chemistry.

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Hi, i need Formal lab report done on chemistry.
Answered Same Day Apr 25, 2024


Dr Shweta answered on Apr 26 2024
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Experiment: The Preparation of Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin)
1. Purpose of the experiment:
The objective of this experiment is to synthesize acetylsalicylic acid (commonly known as Aspirin) by reacting salicylic acid with acetic anhydride, and subsequently purifying it through recrystallization.
2. Background:
Aspirin® is a widely utilized pharmaceutical. More than 8,000,000 kilograms of Aspirin® are consumed annually in the United States alone. While it is a reliable and efficient over-the-counter pain reliever, it can have adverse consequences, such as the development of bleeding ulcers, in a small number of individuals. Aspirin mostly consists of acetylsalicylic acid.

To synthesize aspirin, it is required to produce an ester by combining the phenolic hydroxyl group of salicylic acid with the ca
oxyl group of acetic acid. Due to the low yield obtained in the latter process, acetic anhydride (IUPAC name: ethanoic anhydride) is used instead of acetic acid. Acetic anhydride can be regarded as the product of the condensation of two acetic acid molecules. Under the influence of an acid catalyst, the chemical compound acetic anhydride undergoes a reaction with salicylic acid, resulting in the formation of the pharmaceutical drug known as Aspirin.
We conducted this process in the laboratory to synthesize aspirin.
Subsequently, we refined it by the process of recrystallization. Recrystallization entails dissolving the solid in a small quantity of hot solvent, promptly filtering the hot solution to eliminate any insoluble impurities, and subsequently letting the filtrate to cool gradually, causing the desired compound to precipitate as...

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