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Hello i want to make this assingment as good as you can and need to make the table of contents as well and presentation slide as per the given topic need to have atleast 12 slides and pictures in the...

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Hello i want to make this assingment as good as you can and need to make the table of contents as well and presentation slide as per the given topic need to have atleast 12 slides and pictures in the presentation
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Nishtha answered on Jul 18 2021
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Running Head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN                1
Name : kishan savaliya
Student id :103228
Assignment one
Declaration on plagiarism
I hereby declare that this piece of work is the result of my own independent scholarly work, and that in all cases material from the work of others (in books, articles, essays, dissertations, and on the internet) is acknowledged, and quotations and paraphrases are clearly indicated. No material other than that listed has been used. This written work has not previously been used as examination material at this or any other institution by you or any other person.
Student Name: kishan savaliya    Student ID:103228
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Goals    3
Personal Goal of Helen    4
Opportunities    5
Motivation    5
Periods    6
Resources    7
Evaluation    7
Professionally, Ethically, Socially and Culturally Appropriate Practices    8
Environment Impact    8
References    10
Introduction    Comment by Microsoft Office User: Please make sure to use the citations in each and every pargraph there must be two ciation
A professional development plan is a planned document that explains goals, competency and required skills, development and objectives stated by organisation to employee in order to support continuous improvement and career development. As mentioned by Varlej (2017) This professional plan develops with manager working closely with other employee of the organisation to recognise the necessary skills and development to support employee’s career goal and need of the organisation to boat profitability. As mentioned by Rubens, Schoenfeld, Schaffer and Leah (2018), the development of the professional development plan starts with employee, when a new member joins the team.
Moreover, all other members have a living professional development plan in first place. Choy and Chua(2019) have described a personal development plan is nothing more than an action plan, created based on the goals individuals intend to achieve in his career, personal life and for self-improvement. Employees are targeted improving their communication skills, presentation skills and problem solving skills. The plan reviewed on the regular basis throughout the year. The plan divided into two parts. One is short term, activities execute in 3-6 months to gain the knowledge and experience in the area of development to improve. As indicated by Bates, Phalen and Moran (2016) for instance, classroom training, performing hands on project, attending online classes and completion of certification program second is the long-term plan, time period varies from 6 month to three yea
The professional development plan helps past area of development activities that facilitate to overcome the weakness. This would help to gain confidence on employee’s ability and co
ect implementation of the professional plan. Fe
is and Samuel(2020) have explained Developing means making changes, when that happens it will make difference in employee’s ability of thinking and living. As indicated by Rubens, Schoenfeld, Schafferand Leah (2018) this might come out better than previous, also employee’s tendency of giving up will change and it might give new hopes of development.
Personal vs company goals
Hesta Goals
Goal setting is critical to success especially in the organisation since it helps the organisation to define the objectives. As stated by Rahimnia and Kargozar (2016) Each organisation has a set of objectives and they represent things that it wants to achieve within a specific period. Objectives involve tactics about reaching where it want to go. As stated by Popescu and Surcel (2017), both employee and the employer negotiate the involvement in the professional development plan. At least one activity has been listed in performance of the employee program. The activity design in such a way as it related to improving the area of the previous evaluation or may be related to the employee’s new responsibility of future career goals.    Comment by Microsoft Office User: Use the co
ect citation apa6 th edition
Personal Goal of Helen    Comment by Microsoft Office User: Please make sure to use the citations in each and every pargraph there must be two ciation
Helen is 32 years old single mother who emigrated from Canada with her family 4 years ago and she has been working full time at HESTA for six months. She is a valued member of the team. She has excellent experience from her previous work at a Marketing agency in Ontario. For the last three months, she has been much stressed because her 5 years old son has started at primary school and she has been unable to find a suitable after school care for him.
· The first and foremost personal goal of Helen is to maintain professional and personal life balance in her life Burns, Martin and Collie (2019). She needs some strategy so that she can take out time for her son and his education.
· Another objective of Helen is to make its team members happy, as they are expecting promotion but did not get one. Helen does not want to ruin relationship between her and other team members.
Expert’s session on work life balance could help Helen to focusing on professional work as well as getting her son in right primary school. On the other hand, HESTA’s purpose is to improve employee participation level. As mentioned by Martin and Elliot (2016) These activities are chance for Helen to gain trust and confidence of her team members again. This is the way; Helen’s personal goals align with HESTA’s purposes and vision.
Vision of Hesta:    Comment by Microsoft Office User: Please make sure to use the citations in each and every pargraph there must be two ciation
The purpose and vision of HESTA professional development plan includes continuing education of the all employee (including Helen).
· Proper e learning Portal, sessions, degree programs are design that will give flexibility to the employee to learn new lesson and enhance their knowledge. As explained by Klopova, Komyshova and Simonova (2018) organisation will guide the employee pursuing accreditation, certificates and other educational program.
· Professional plan directed to increase the participation level of the employee, HESTA will organise different national, international meetings, workshops, conferences that helps the employee like Helen, balancing professional and personal lives. The experts having deep knowledge and could facilitates helpful insights to the Helen. The insights and the information help board and committee members to develop tailor made strategies and plan for the Helen.
· The overall objective of the HESTA professional plan is to enhance the job performance. It directed to improve the present skills and knowledge of the employee. As supported by Koonce (2018), strategies deduce to keeping up with technology, processes and system. When employee learns about new development in his or her field, the job performance will improve automatically.
Employee loyalty and job-hopping will increase if there are no opportunities in the professional life. This makes difficult to retain and attract the right candidate for the organisation. Barnett, Shoho and Okilwa (2017) have described One of the ways to deal with this issue is to by reconsidering benefit offerings. Cai, Khapova, Bossink, Lysova and Yuan (2020) have described The opportunities are a good way to make employee stick to the organisation for a long time. Following are the three opportunities suitable for Helen—
Competencies such as emotional intelligence, communication and their combination are necessary. Steil, Cuffa Iwaya, and dos Santos Pacheco (2020) have explained Technical training is important but so the soft skills training. This will help Helen to have good relationship with her team members. It will keep her department from thriving. Wynants and Dennis (2018) have described plenty of formal and informal activities could actually facilitate creative thinking, collaboration and communication among team members and Helen and team members.
Employee Subsidised Degree
Many employees like Helen look for the tuition fee assistance as they move forward in their lives. This route can be expensive other than offering; however, as indicated by Idowu, Soyebo and Adeoye (2019) the return on investment also increases. HESTA can improve return on investment if it implements an education reimbursement program. This program can be utilise by employees or their kids. BOEWE and SCHULTEN (2017) have described This subsided degree is an opportunity for the Helen that could solve her son education problem also. In addition to it, in some cases employee does have to pay the whole tuition fee amount, only a part of it and that is also tax free in nature.
Giving Flexibility
Choudhury, Foroughi, and Larson (2020) have described the best way to maintain the work life balance is through introducing flexibility. Helen could get opportunity of work from home or flexible working hours. As explained by Timsal and Awais (2016) She can communicate with her team via phones, messages and emails. However, there is no fix hour for that. HESTA is concerned with the overall productivity and the performance of the team as a vision. Helen and her team need to trust...

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