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Health Behavior, Communication, and Advocacy In consideration of Sara’s privacy and in an effort to educate members of the organization of the possible outbreak, what strategies/steps should the...

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Health Behavior, Communication, and Advocacy

In consideration of Sara’s privacy and in an effort to educate members of the organization of the possible outbreak, what strategies/steps should the Department of Human Resources (HR) do to ensure health information is provided to all stakeholders? Explain each strategy and offer concrete information to support your viewpoint.

Explain the implications of this problem for the stakeholders involved in this home health organization. Be sure to compare and contrast the implications for the different stakeholders and give special attention to the residents that Sara visited in their homes.

Length: 3-4 pages, excluding title page and references.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric. You can view it under Assessments at the top of the page. Review it before you begin working on the assignment. Your work should also follow these Assignment Expectations.

I need 4 pages, APA, 5-6 intext citations, and 5-6 references

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Running Head: Health Behavior, Communication and Advocacy    1
Health Behavior, Communication and Advocacy    2
Table of Contents
Role of Department of Human Resources (HR) in healthcare    3
Implications of Sara’s condition    4
References    6
Role of Department of Human Resources (HR) in healthcare
The Human Resource (HR) Department of an organization plays a very vital role in the smooth working of the organization. According to Guest (2017), healthcare is one of the fields which requires great participation and initiative from the HR department. The HR professionals lay down guidelines and formulate policies to maintain proper health conditions of the employees as well as provide them with health benefits. The HR Department co-ordinates with medical practitioners for providing efficient healthcare to its employees. It is also the duty of the HR members to maintain the confidentiality of its employees.
In case of Sara, the HR Department should empathize with her and think of implementing ways to spread awareness of the disease as well as not let out details of Sara’s illness. It must be taken into account that the responsibility of protecting Sara from workplace hostility also lies with the HR professionals. Lack of awareness and fear of contracting Tuberculosis, may cause Sara’s colleagues to avoid being in her vicinity, making her feel dejected and unhappy. As peace of mind aids recovery, the HR should understand that Sara should not be treated poorly and instead receive support from her colleagues and seniors at this difficult phase. Hence, the HR could take steps to spread healthcare awareness without exposing Sara’s condition.
As mentioned by Ogbonnaya, Daniels, Connolly and van Veldhoven (2017), the HR could encourage the employees to freely discuss various health issues, ranging from mild diseases to chronic disorders. The sense of solidarity and frankness regarding health aspects must be instilled in the employees. Open discussions based on experiences or disease statistics, prevalence and other attributes would help spread awareness. Employees could also put forward some occupational hazards that they felt exposed to. In Sara’s case, the HR could organize an open discussion on tuberculosis maintaining the patient’s anonymity.
Information about Tuberculosis could also be provided by designing circulars on the disease, its preventive steps, symptoms and cures. Notices regarding the same could also be put up on Bulletin Boards and electronic mails could be sent to the workers. In order to raise concern among the employees, relevant...

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