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FINAL INVESTMENT SUMMARY | InstructionsWe have spent the semester thinking about our startup, Deco Frost. Now it's time to seek funding to make the company a reality as our bootstrapped organization...

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We have spent the semester thinking about our startup, Deco Frost. Now it's time to seek funding to make the company a reality as our bootstrapped organization cannot go up against the competition alone.

Your team's goal is to seek investment for Deco Frost using the material we have developed over the semester. The Final Project is to prepare a presentation to investors. You will develop a one-page business summary for the investors, a two-minute pitch (live for in-person course and recorded for online course) and
a three-minute video presentation
. The one-page summary and the two-minute pitch need to make the case that your opportunity is extremely attractive and get you a meeting with the investors. The three-minute video needs to seal the deal. The three pieces of the assignment need to work together in order to determine if you get the investment. Grades will be given in the order that you manage to engage the investors. The more investable you make the option, the better the grade.

When preparing your presentation, think about the following:

  • Who are you presenting to? What excites them? Is there a specific firm that specializes in this technology? Who are they?

  • What are the key points that will get you the meeting, and then what will sell the investment? (Hint: marketing plan and financials!)

  • How much are you seeking? What will the funds be used for? Will they get you to breakeven? How much equity do they get for their investment?

  • Why should they invest? What will their return be? In what time period?

  • Make sure the return on investment ties back to your (updated) financial proforma that you assembled for the mid-term project.

  • How will you minimize the risk? Talk about your team and their experience, your marketing and sales plans along with metrics, your financial plan and burn rate and anything else that will make them comfortable with your team and the investment. Convince them and tell them why you will be successful.

  • What's your exit strategy? Will you sell the business? Find other investors that will buy out your original investors?


  1. A one-page investment summary.

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Nitish Lath answered on Apr 24 2023
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Taxation system in India – An overview
DECo frost analysis
Brief background
Deco Frost is cu
ently selling decoration staffs.
The company is planning to set up a manufacturing plant.
The company is specializing in the field of decorations
The company is having marketing plans for special products for special occasions.
The company is also planning to take patent upgrades and licenses which will provide exclusive rights to the company for its products.
Next 3 years financial plan summary
The cu
ent sales volume is 1000 units at beginning of month 1 which is expected to reach at 5,518...

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