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PMMP 20008 – Initiating and Planning Projects    Assignment 3
2019 Term 2ass_3
Lessons Learnt
Name:Insert full name
Student NumberInsert student number
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Tutorial number:Insert tutorial number
Notes to the Autho
[This document is a template. It has been tailored to suit the assessment. All fields within the template should be completed as per the project scenario provided.
Blue italicized text provides an explanation of what should be included for each section. Remove all blue text prior to submission. If there are two or more options for you to decide between, revert the option you are keeping to black and remove the other.
Do not attach pictures or images to the file as they are not able to be read by Turnitin and students will be awarded a 0 mark.
    Important Instructions: Please read carefully
This written submission involves student-initiated reflection (lesson 1) and guided (tutorled) reflection (lesson 2 and lesson 3). Student initiated reflection involves a process where students choose what experiences to reflect upon concerning lessons learnt. In contrast, guided (or tutorled) reflection involves a process where the tutor guides (or assists) the student concerning what experiences to reflect upon, which then prompts students to identify lessons learnt.
1. IntrODUCTION (2 marks)
Instructions: Provide a
ief introduction covering the following points
1. Explain what reflective practice is (provide at least one supportingreference);
2. Briefly explain the aim or purpose of the lessons learnt (or learned) process in project management (provide at least one supporting reference); and
3. Provide an overview of what this assignment contains.
    1. Reflective practice is the ability of one person in terms of serving reflection with the engagement of continuous learning. As opined by Kerzner (2017), thus reflective practice is serving effective impact within the management of any project through successful format.
2. Aim and purpose of the lesson that have already learnt from the discussion is to serve` clear understanding regarding the process of project management. As suggested by Meredith, Mantel and Shafer (2017), therefore the presentation of the ways that can help in the management of project with the successful format is another purpose of the learnt lessons.
3. This cu
ent assignment is containing the process of project management and this impact in the easy completion of various projects within the organisational structure. Furthermore, the steps that are associated with the process of project management are also presented within this assignment.
2.1Lessons learnt framework explained (1 mark)
Briefly describe at least one lessons learnt (or learned) framework that could be applied in project management (provide at least one supporting reference for the framework identified).Note: no marks will be allocated if the framework described resembles the framework listed below in paragraph 2.2.
Guidance Notes:
Satisfactory answers will comprise at least two paragraphs.
    Through the overview of the presentation that are already presented, it is learned that risk management is one of the integrated parts of the project management. In terms of the effective and successful completion of the project, there is the requirement of involvement of risk management and risk management in the projects.
The risk management process within the project management needs the introduction of the identification of risk factors that are serving adverse effect to the completion of the projects. As augmented by Fleming and Koppelman (2016), moreover, the risk mitigation on the basis of the risk management process can serve proper strategies to the projects that also must help in the implementation of developed planning in respect to the requirements of the projects.
2.2Lessons learnt process: How I planned to gather, and document lessons learnt (2.5 marks)
Provide a short response where … appears in the table (below).
Guidance Notes: Marks will be awarded on the extent to which the table (below) is completed.
Instructions: complete the table below.
    Guidance Notes:
    I planned to identify lessons learnt… (state when).
    I planned to involve… (state who) in the process of identifying lessons learnt.
    I planned to identify lessons learnt by… (state how).
    (i) Identify
    in the implementation of project management
    project manager
    adoption of that lesson
    (ii) Document
    practical use in projects
    team members
    effective performances
    (iii) Analyse
    take certain decisions within projects
    project manager
    introducing strategies
    (iv) Store
    results of project through success
    project observer
    effective management of projects
    (v) Retrieve
    at the end of the project
    project manager
    positive results of the project
    2.3 Lessons learnt process: What actually...

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