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Facilities management requires a coordinated approach to ensure the planning, design and management of the building systems in order to meet and enhance the guest experience. You are the Facilities...

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Facilities management requires a coordinated approach to ensure the planning, design and management of the building systems in order to meet and enhance the guest experience. You are the Facilities Manager of an international hospitality facility and have been assigned the task of exploring the impact of a proposed facility refurbishment within the hospitality resort/hotel or event markets. You are to work with your management team and other key stakeholders to assess and develop a facilities refurbishment plan for presentation to an asset management committee, who will approve funding for your project.

We have choosed to refurbish the all-day dining restaurant of Shangri la hotel in Sydney , kindly see the picture below of the actual restaurant :

Image result for shangri la sydney all day dining restaurant

– Human Resources

Outline the human resource requirements associated with completing the refurbishment task. Focus on providing a profile of the organisations required, their relevant projects and define the in house support staff and contractor requirements.

We have choosed that the key person behind the project will be Ryoichi Niwata who has got tremendous experience in this domain. Another reason for his selection has been his recent work at Shangri La oldest wing at Singapore.

– Risk Management

Outline the liability and risks for the facility to complete the refurbishment. Complete an OH&S plan for the facility refurbishment.

Also we have choosed that during the refurbishment there will be problems such as the fact that the choosed restaurant is where we make most money so a lot of money will be lost during the refurbishment , as well as in house guest are having breakfast every day there so we have to move to another outlet in the meanwhile maybe one of the functions rooms in banquet but there might be issues faced such as disagreement between the staff of the 2 outlets or tight space in the back of house for storage the equipment. Or even customers may not like the place during the refurbishment which might lead to bad comments on tripadvisor. So if you could please also talk about that during this part.

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Shashank answered on Jun 11 2020
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Exploring the impact of a refu
ishment of all day dining restaurant at Shangri La
The restaurant in the property of Shangri La has been decided to be renovated considering the modern experience the property is missing. The decision has been taken on the basis of year long survey from the cu
ent and potential customers. The elements which has taken into consideration are project management, the human resources management and risk associated that needs to be taken care during the project.
Project Management
The refu
ishment project of all day dining restaurant at Shangri La in Sydney location will be completed in a span or 3 months or 12 weeks. The date of commencement of project has been kept as 15th August considering the schedule has been kept free and no bookings have been taken post that period. We are expecting to close the project 15th Oct, 2018 and post that we expect to get the redesigned version of our restaurant which will be suiting the taste of customers in the best possible manner.
The teams have been contacted to do their research and proposal for the same will be accepted for next 15 days. The initial days will be occupied with the physical inspection by the architect and interior designing teams which will be submitting various layouts for the renovated portions. To avoid any kind of risk associated with design of the project, the famous consultant and interior designer, Ryoichi Niwata has been assigned the project. Major reason for his selection is his recent work in the
and of Singapore where cultural heritage has been showcased in exotic ways. This has been appreciated by the senior management and recommended for other
anches as well. Once the designs are prepared and approved by the management, construction is expected to be completed by week 10.
To ensure that the latest designs that the restaurant is adapting are meeting the customer expectation, the hotel has taken a survey of customers from the past 6 months and their taste and choices has been identified in structured manner. This has helped in gaining key insights of the target group which has helped in streamlining the decisions taken for renovation. Apart from the customers choices, standard measures have been taken for restaurant designs which Shangri La has been following considering the company standards. (Edralin, & Castillo,2001)
Human Resources
Bond Design studio...

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