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Explain as much as possible 1.What is a promotion and give examples of 5 different methods of promotion? 2.You will need to access the marketing plan for your organisation to decide on the marketing...

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Explain as much as possible
1.What is a promotion and give examples of 5 different methods of promotion?
2.You will need to access the marketing plan for your organisation to decide on the marketing promotional activities. What does a marketing plan consist of? What do these sections tell you
3. . How would you commence research into a new market
4.What online sources could you access to support the planning of your promotional activities? Provide 2 examples.
5. Describe in detail the importance of cultural awareness in international promotion.
6. What does the budgeting stage of planning a promotion entail?
7. Who would you consult with to identify promotional objectives?
8. Under what circumstances would it be advantageous to include direct marketing in your promotional mix?
9. What skills do promotion staff require to perform international promotional activities effectively?
10. dealing with and managing employees offshore presents challenges for any executive or manager. Understanding these challenges and addressing them one by one helps managers maintain efficiency within projects and control over projects. What steps could you take to manage your offshore promotional staff?
11. What role can an agent perform in offshore promotion?
12. How could you establish the effectiveness of your promotions using benchmarks?
13. Where can you collect feedback on the effectiveness of your promotional activities?
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Dilpreet answered on Nov 08 2021
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1.0 Promotion with examples
Promotion can be described as a marketing activity or marketing communication which is conducted by organisations to inform and attract the target audience about the product,
and, and services. Promotion is done with an aim to create awareness about a product or service among the people so as to develop their interest in the
and, product or service. As stated by Gillespie (2015) promotion is one of the most important tools when it comes to marketing of a
and on global level. Examples of promotional activities are:
1. Provide discounts to customers
2. Free gifts
3. Provide customers with vouchers and coupons
4. Promote through various advertising activities
5. Launch schemes
2.0 Marketing plan
Marketing plan is a blueprint or a document which is created to outline the marketing and advertising activities which shall be conducted in order to accomplish a set of business activities within the specified time frame. The purpose to create a marketing plan is to align the marketing objectives of the organisation with overall
oader objectives of the organisation. Marketing plan consists of the marketing strategies, marketing budget, forecast of sales, analysis of the market situation, promotional activities which needs to be conducted and other elements such as the responsibility of the management to undertake different tasks. In the opinion of Joseph, Joseph, Poon and Brooksbank (2015) marketing plan helps to enhance the performance of the organisation.
3.0 Commencement of research into a new market
To commence research into a new market it is important to know the market and the competitors which are already established in the market. The next step which should be followed is to know the potential customers or the target audience in the market. It is important to conduct the analysis of a new market based on the above mentioned criteria. Moreover, it is also important for the organisations to check their internal capabilities once they have finished the market analysis. After this the market which is most suitable for the product or service should be selected and market entry options to enter into a new market shall be determined.
4.0 Online sources to support promotional activities
Online sources are proving to be extremely beneficial to conduct promotional activities. As stated by Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick (2019) online sources help to make efficient use of the resources available. Online sources which can be used to support promotional activities are:
1. Social websites and official website: As can be observed that people these days make extensive use of internet, it is always good to conduct the promotional activities through social media websites and official website of the business which can make a lot of people aware about the products and services all together without bothering much about the geographic boundaries.
2. Direct Emails: promotional activities can also be done by mailing the potential customers directly about the products and services and other promotional schemes and...

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