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ESSAY-Employees, managers and shareholders are experiencing considerable uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic in mind, explain why it is difficult to make accurate predictions...

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ESSAY-Employees, managers and shareholders are experiencing considerable uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic in mind, explain why it is difficult to make accurate predictions about the future under conditions of uncertainty. Next, select an organisation that has been severely affected by the pandemic (eg. Qantas or a University) and discuss how the application of symmetrical ethics might overcome ethical challenges that result from top management (CEOs, Managers, VC) ‘not suffering in sympathy’. For example, taking no pay cuts or only small pay cuts while many employees may lose their jobs altogether. You should cite in your essay Sandis and Taleb XXXXXXXXXXon symmetrical ethics, Pol and Reveley XXXXXXXXXXon uncertainty, as well as at least five other academic journal articles relevant to the topic. Media commentary can be obtained from websites (appropriately referenced).
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Uncertainty    4
Ethical Symmetry    8
Conclusion    10
References    11
This article will discuss the different problems and uncertainty faced by the employees throughout the world during the time of COVID-19. The situation has started from the mid of 2019, and the case is still far from over. Due to the COVID-19 location, the countries are under complete lockdown to
eak the chain of the virus. In this situation, the organisations and the businesses are primarily affected by the scenario of the COVID-19. This report will
iefly discuss the uncertain future and the present scenario associated with the employees in the different organisations. To draw the picture more precisely, a specific organisation based in Australia has been taken.
The organisation is Qantas Airlines. Qantas airlines are one of the most recognised airlines in Australia. Qantas has also faced the adverse effect of the pandemic and a sharp decline in the different business activities in the country. The various post holders within an organisation, namely managers, employees and the shareholders are facing the adverse effects in these situations. All the uncertainty associated with their career and the ethical considerations in this phase is needed to be understood (Sulaiman and Abdullah, 2019). For that, it is essential to discuss a few concepts and ethics with the proper analysis, which has been appropriately served by this organisation.
This report will
iefly discuss the side effect of the pandemic over the different organisations and the employees associated with them. The uncertainty in the different situations created by the epidemic can be a cause for severe mental stress, disillusionment and many other factors related to employee health. The details of these issues have been given in the below discussion throughout the whole report. In this way, the different elements in this report will contribute to a greater understanding of the uncertainty and ethical principles of the organisations to cope up with them.
This section will discuss the worldwide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the different organisational growth and progress. The various aspects of uncertainties associated with the employees are discussed within this sector. According to Pol and Reveley (2017), uncertainty is a state when people do not hold any definite ideas or perception about a specific situation and it gives birth to fear, anxiety and mental stress. This will help to understand the present mental situation of the employees, managers and the different people associated with the specific organisations. In this sector, the uncertainties related to Qantas organisation and the employees are discussed below.
Uncertainty of the Business Revenue
Due to the different lockdown prospects, it was decided that all the flights both international and domestics would be stopped. Because of this, the airline's line the Qantas have been under severe shut down throughout several months. As of now, the COVID-19 situation has worsened since then, and all the international flights are still suspended. Qantas earns its revenue through the airways services to the customers. In this way, the business earnings have been very low for the company to ca
y out the business further. In this way, the organisation cannot earn any revenue, which is the vast nightmare for the shareholders associated with the company. There is a severe loss involved with this scenario which can make the company and the shareholders related to it face bankruptcy. This is a huge reason behind the mental stress of the company and the shareholders associated with them.
Uncertainty of the Job
It is very much related to the first point of reduced business revenue that has been discussed above. If the organisation is unable to earn any profits or income, then they will not be able to keep all of the staff within the organisation. In this situation, the employees are uncertain about their future within the organisation (Kim, 2018). If this type of situation continues where the company is not able to earn the profit they need, then the job of the employees can be unstable. This is the most significant uncertainty faced by the employees in this organisation due to the pandemic situation. This can make the employees disillusioned in their career, which is a very adverse impact of this situation. Though the organisational cooperation is very much needed in this situation because of the low business revenue, the organisations are also not able to manage the vast workforce during this adverse timing, that is the reason why the...

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