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Effective communication throughout a workplace is an essential ingredient to align people’s efforts towards achieving organisational goals. Yet it seems that ‘communication problems’ are continually...

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Effective communication throughout a workplace is an essential ingredient to align people’s efforts
towards achieving organisational goals. Yet it seems that ‘communication problems’ are continually
mentioned as one of the main difficulties for most organisations. Your boss, the CEO of ABC Company,
has asked you to investigate the question:
'why managers should make effective communication a priority'?
In so doing she expects you to examine personal communication channels - including personal networks,
the grapevine and written communication
• What are personal communication channels?
• Individual communication styles and preferences.
• What do we mean by the grapevine?
• Different types of grapevines
• What is its role in an organisation?
Start your web-based research with a search of popular business publications, even trade journals,
professional journals and cu
ent affairs journals, for any information about workplace communication
issues. Finally, use academic research to support your findings in relation to your selected theme.
Search for 10 sources. 4-5 must be peer reviewed journal articles.
• In the reference list you need to highlight the peer reviewed references:
Smith, FC, Jones, M & Wilson, J 2016, ‘Communication in the workplace’, Journal of Communication, vol.
28, no. 2, pp XXXXXXXXXX.
Wilson, A & Smith, J 2000, 'Managing the Communication Process, Journal of Strategic Communication ,
vol. 81, no. 8, pp. 40-5.
The most important thing to remember is that:
You will be rewarded for linking ideas together to draw conclusions, and discussing the implications of
what you have described.
You will be rewarded for questioning the material that you have researched for preparing your
You will not be rewarded for simply the number of words you write.
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Business communication (Personal communication channels)
Running Header: Business communication (Personal communication channels)
Title: Business communication (Personal communication Channels)
Presented By:
Presented To:
Date: 20/05/2018
Personal communication channels are the theme of discussion made in the cu
ent report. Typically the focus is on the personal communication channels like personal networks, social networks and the grapevines. Apart from these core elements, there is also discussion made on the basic concepts of communication, the ba
iers to effective communication and other aspects like solutions for effective communication in the organizations is presented with. Further there is detailed discussion on the communication styles and the effective usage of the communication styles in accordance with the operational requirements. As a whole a comprehensive coverage of personal communication and the personal communication channels is presented in the report. As a whole the report supports the need for effective communication and ways in which effective communication can be materialized.
Personal communication is invariably part of the business communication. Though personal communication can be employed for both the formal and informal communication requirements, in recent times there is more and more emphasis being given to the personal communication for the sake of business requirements and profitability. Personal communication is characterisized by numerous factors like personal communication styles, communication channels and other related formal and informal elements of communication process. Some of the typical personal communication elements that can be seen very commonly in communication are the emails, telephonic and video calls, face to face communications as well as other communication processes like group discussions etc. Communication channels can be personal networks, grapevines, social media networks etc. The following part of the discussion is focussed on to discuss what makes up communication, what are the important elements of communication and subsequently it discusses what are the ba
iers of communication in general and what type of recommendations can be provided to improve the communication in any organization and finally what can be concluded on the personal communication in organizations. Each of these issues is presented in detail in the report.
Communication and significance
Communication can be defined as a manner in which ideas and information can be transmitted from one person to the other in any formal or informal setup for the sake of getting things done. A typical example of manager indicating the organizational priorities and the organizational mission and vision to the organizational stakeholders is one type of communication (Gue
ero 2017). A team member negotiating with another team member on a particular task and its due time is another type of communication. In any case essentially the significance of communication task basically depend on the context of the communication, the stakeholders participating in the communication, the manner in which communication is happening and the tools and methods being employed for communication(Burgoon 2016). Organizational environment, intellectual levels of the employees, the priorities of the employees as well as the resources available with the employees are some of the several issues that decide the efficiency of communication, Organizational effectiveness will depend on the effectiveness of communication and this in turn will decide the final organizational objectives. The following part of the discussion is all about the organizational...

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