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Drawing on your own personal experience, write a mini case-study (max 1500 words) on one of the following OB-relatedtopics: • When Teamwork failed to meet its objective • The appropriate use of power...

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Drawing on your own personal experience, write a mini case-study (max 1500 words) on one of the following OB-relatedtopics:
• When Teamwork failed to meet its objective
• The appropriate use of power in the workplace
• Organisational Change
Following the case-study, two questions should be posed which encourage the reader to examine and analyse different aspects of the case in close detail. Students should also provide a brief XXXXXXXXXXword example answer for each question in order to demonstrate the potential learning outcomes of the case. A minimum of four distinct references from academic journals is to be included in the assignment. They can part of the case, the example answers, or spread across the two sections.
Purpose: This assignment seeks to achieve 2 key learning outcomes.
Firstly, it seeks to develop a students’ awareness for the way in which ‘teamwork’, ‘power’ or ‘change’ is manifest in organisations.
Secondly, understanding workplace behaviour can be greatly informed by periodic ‘reflection’. Through this assignment it is hoped that students recognise the value of setting aside time in their work schedule to reflect upon and analyse, issues that influence the behaviour of themselves and others in the workplace.
Format: The single document submitted for this assignment is to contain the following components and formatting features:
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Abstract: It is very peculiar how some team performs exceptionally well while others just barely meet the targets. Is there some magic mantra or powerful formula that we can apply to make every team to make them a high performing team? Are there any parameters, attributes or criteria that is required to become a successful group of people working together? By the virtue of interconnection communication technologies ways of teaching and learning has transformed over past few years. Not only this we live in an era where we witness proliferation of many hand-held personal digital assistants (PDA) that allows people to learn on the go and also provides a platform for constructive learnings that urges the need for people working together as a team. By the virtue of this case study, I have highlighted the causes because of which team fails to perform and outlined the research that can help identify frameworks that which can be utilised to promote teamwork.
Through my personal experience I have very closely witnessed how a project has failed to achieve its objective because of the issues in the team. As popular english prove
says "No man is an island" that implies that personally or professionally we require people to achieve fulfil the shared responsibility and achieve the objective. Hence, teams are a part of employee's journey in an organization. At personal front you one always have different responsibilities basis role, for instance you can be a daughter, wife, mother and friend at the same time. Problems never comes by analysing one's skills and qualifications. They are often multi-faceted and complicated. This multi-dimensional and multidisciplinary characteristic of many problems demands a holistic approach in order to resolve it. Taking reference from “The Power of Teamwork” (Craddock, M., 2011) team approach motivates one to form a group of people that have skills and expertise that are complementary to one another and are able to coordinate their efforts to handle a complicated situation.
Attributes of Successful Team
Team can be explained as a group of individuals who work together to attain a shared target and objective. However, an effective and efficient team is much more than simply collections of people. With reference to interesting article, “Great Teams Are About Personalities, Not Just Skills” (Winsborough, D. & Chamo
o-Premuzic, T, 2017) team can be defined as collaborative process that empowers members to achieve extraordinary results. In order to achieve extraordinary results, it implies that individuals in the team cooperate to achieve the common objectives and collaborate in sharing knowledge and objectives. Thorough researching the literature of OB, “3 Ways to Encourage Smarter Teamwork” (Whitehurst, J., 2015), we have enlisted number of attributes that are considered essentials to achieve successful achievement of targets by the teamwork.
Commitment to the team goals and shared success - Members in the team are focused towards success of the team and not on individual agendas. Teams those are successful are motivated to achieve their shared goals and the overall objective
Interdependence - Team is able to develop an environment in which they are able to contribute more than individual performance. Collaboration and positive dependency in the team
ings out best in each person that motivates them to attain their targets. Team members encourages their team members to contribute more, achieve more and learn to the fullest. Team members in a positive interdependent team are concerned about the well-being of the group. They make an effort to combine individual skills with team spirits to attain the objective as desired.
Open Communication - Members of the team are open in providing and receiving feedback and taking it constructively. Efforts are made to actively listen to the concerns and desires of the members and appreciating...

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