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Discussion: Disruptive Technology: Netflix Case Study Technology is constantly changing and, in turn, can help leaders promote widespread social and economic change. For example, Mattox...

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Discussion: Disruptive Technology: Netflix Case Study

Technology is constantly changing and, in turn, can help leaders promote widespread social and economic change. For example, Mattox XXXXXXXXXXpointed out that if 3D-printing technology were to become available and accepted by the masses, it could dramatically shift control of consumer production, resulting in a significant economic and social change. Consumers could then theoretically manufacture everything from lifesaving medicines to high-grade weaponry. Is such technological change desirable or detrimental?

Given the potential of technological change to generate economic upheaval, it should be no surprise that the question of whether technological change is desirable has garnered attention in the business research community. Theories have emerged to explain the development and diffusion of technological changes—and the theory of disruptive innovation is among the most influential. Since its introduction by Clayton Christensen in the mid-1990s, the theory has raised considerable debate. Topics of debate include how to define disruptive innovation and technology; when and why it occurs; and how to predict, survive, or promote it. As the pace of technological change accelerates, business professionals have given increased attention to this field of research and the impact of disruptive technology. In this Discussion, you will consider the case of Netflix.

To prepare for this Discussion,review this week’s Learning Resources concerning disruptive technology and disruptive innovation. Read the case study “The Rise and Fall of Netflix: What Happened and Where Will It Go From Here?” and consider Netflix’s role as a disruptive innovation or technology that is now being threatened by the disruptive technology of its competitors. Netflix’s leaders are facing many challenges as they consider the global market. Put yourself in the intern Chris’s position, and think about how you, as a global change agent, would advise the company’s leaders.

By Day 3

Postan analysis of the impact of disruptive technology on Netflix, with your own prognosis for this business. Your analysis should be structured as follows:

  • Summarize the challenges Netflix is facing, as detailed in the case study.
  • Evaluate whether disruptive technology has a primarily positive or negative impact on Netflix’s challenges. Provide a rationale.
  • In line with your argument, identify whom disruptive technology benefits and whom it adversely affects.
  • Develop two strategies for either surviving or taking advantage of disruptive technology.
  • Support your post with data and information from the Learning Resources and at least one peer-reviewed article or journal of your choice.

Be sure to support your work witha minimum of twospecific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources.

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Sanchita answered on Aug 13 2020
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Netflix started off as a DVD rental platform and then quickly made the inroads into providing online streaming services to its customers (Allen et al., 2014). Things were particularly going well for the company when the online-streaming market was not that saturated and Netflix had taken the lead in the online streaming market share. However, as the market is saturated now and netizens have discovered that there are many illegal ways to watch shows (To
ent), the value proposition of Netflix over the years have plummeted drastically.
Disruptive technology has been both positive and negative for Netflix, it is imperative to note that Netflix became so ubiquitous in the online-streaming business is because it was particularly responsible for creating such a lucrative market. They realized the growing consumer sentiment of consuming media online and accordingly curated the...

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