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Develop a crisis communications plan for your stakeholders, including a social media policy. The plan should include ideas you have offered in essays and assignments you have already submitted in this...

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Develop a crisis communications plan for your stakeholders, including a social media policy. The plan should include ideas you have offered in essays and assignments you have already submitted in this course, most specifically the outline submitted in Unit III. Walk through how you believe organizational leaders and their spokespeople should decide and act during a crisis. Your plan should include at least the following items (not necessarily in this order):

  • an introduction and description of your crisis communications plan,

  • purpose,

  • scope,

  • situations and assumptions,

  • audience profiles,

  • review of leadership hierarchy and approval processes,

  • key communication strategies,

  • delegation of responsibilities,

  • evaluation of communication efforts,

  • guidelines addressing social media.

Research sources to support your ideas. Reference and in-text citeAPA format.

Supporting docs attached

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Perla answered on Jun 08 2020
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Crisis Communication Plan
Running Header: Crisis communication Plan
Title: Crisis Communication Plan
Presented By:
Presented To:
Date: 08/06/2018
Crisis communication plan is all about the communication procedures and the protocols to be employed during the times of crisis in any organization. Crisis communication plan will be well prepared before the actual crisis and the process consists in comprehensive evaluation of the organizational situations, resources present, skill levels of the stakeholders, reliability of the systems, legislator requirements any if applicable and so and so forth before finalizing the communication plan and strategy. Crisis is unpredictable and any organization can be a vulnerable entitity for the occu
ence of crisis and hence it is mandatory for organizations to be prepared for crisis and a compulsory crisis communication plan need to be prepared by organizations well in advance to face the challenge. The following part of the write-up is about the crisis communication plan focussed on the Hotel BXY.
Overview of the crisis:
Hotel BXY is a customer centric organization, which is one of the highly rated customer centric organization, which has received lot of applauds for its intense commitment to the customer service and customer service quality in general. Recently there has been crisis in the organization with the IT migration project. The information being communicated into the new data management system which is largely related with the clientele information gone faulty. This happened during a week ago. Later on the organizational IT professionals worked on to replace the fault with a new application and this in turn worked well and now the organizational functionality resumed to normalcy. Since the information found to be co
upted during the first phase of the crisis, the entire clientele database of the hotel BXY gone panicked. The information is sensitive and the clients are also are critical and hence the crisis has drawn national wide attention with extensive media coverage. But the issue was dealt with professional approach and the entire process is
ought back to the reigns and is working well right now.
Description of the crisis communication plan:
The proposed crisis communication plan is being prepared in this context, if there is any such situation with possible failure of IT systems and possible vulnerability of the client data base and information, there is much to do with the organizational crisis communication plan. A detailed communication plan designed in this direction is expected to meet these requirements and the following part of the communication plan will details the key elements of crisis communication plan addressing these issues of the organization. The communication plan is discussed in detail about the assumptions, strategies,...

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