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Description: Extending your work from Assignment 2, write a XXXXXXXXXXword paper that briefly critiques a global issue (i.e. the issue or challenge you chose for Assessment 2) where shared...

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Description: Extending your work from Assignment 2, write a XXXXXXXXXXword paper that briefly critiques a global issue (i.e. the issue or challenge you chose for Assessment 2) where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realised (approx. 300 words) and then, propose ways to address this challenge (approx. 900 words) in your professional community, locally and especially globally. Emphasis is on your proposed ways of addressing the challenge because some of the critique will have been covered in Assignment 2. Your discussion must refer explicitly to the common good. Page 11 of 19 Please Note: Your discussion should demonstrate how Advocacy and Community Engagement may contribute to your proposed solution. Please see the assessment overview and instructions on LEO for information on the assessment and on late penalties. Due date: Weighting: Length and/or format: Purpose: July 28, 5pm 50% XXXXXXXXXXwords. To demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and understanding of principles of human dignity, advocacy, and community engagement to potential ways to address the challenge of realising the common good in a global context. Learning outcomes assessed: 1,2,3 How to submit: The paper must be submitted via Turnitin as a MS Word document. Instructions explaining how to do this can be found on the UNCC300 LEO page under Assessment > Turnitin Submission Guide. Return of assignment: Assignments will be returned via LEO when final grades are released. If you are unsure how to find your results and feedback you can read how to do this on LEO under Assessment > How to find your results and feedback. Assessment criteria: A rubric outlining the criteria you will be marked on and the standard for each criterion required to achieve each grade for Assignment 3 can also be found on LEO under Assessments > Rubric for Assignment 3. REFERENCING This unit requires you to use the referencing system used by your discipline area. See the ‘Academic referencing’ page of the Student Portal for more details.
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Introduction to Global Recession
In the paper, the impacts of the global Recession will be elucidated in details. At present, due to the aspects of global Recession, many sectors are negatively impacted that includes international economy, employment sector and GDP of the countries. Global Recession is a very ominous recession that can affect many countries at a singular point of time. Due to the worldwide Recession, the possibility of economic slowdown becomes highly acute as a result of the economic output abates.
The thesis statement of the paper is “the global recession and its ho
endous impact on different areas”.
The International Monetary Fund has described the global Recession as a process of decline in the annual per-capital real world GDP (Eaton et al., 2016). When GDP, Gross Domestic Product declines, then the situations such as, Global Recession emerge. The last Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 can be regarded as an ideal paradigm of Global Recession, which has an enormous negative impact on global employment, trade and commerce and GDP of many of the countries.
Image 1: Impacts of the Financial Loss 2007-08
In this section, the impacts of global Recession in some sectors will be elaborated in details, and after this, the far-reaching adverse effects of global Recession will be discussed.
During the time of Recession, be it global or domestic, the trend of unemployment mounts high. During times of Recession, the organizations face enormous loss due to the several factors like increased costs, stagnant revenue, and this insists the organizations terminate some employees permanently from the organization to mitigate the damages. Among some conspicuous global recessions, the great financial crisis of 2007-08 is still known as one of the most notable in which many civilians lost their employments. As the business organizations had to cut down the unnecessary production and maintenance, many employees lost their jobs (Axelrad, Sa
ath & Hawkins, 2018). In between the year 2007 and 2009, there was an unprecedented augmentation in the total number of unemployed globally.
A situation like Recession emerges when there are two or some more subsequent quarters of the negative growth of the economy. The relationship between the Recession and that of unemployment is very harmonious with each other. The companies suffer from severe loss, and during the time of such stake, they take resort to terminate employees to manage such financial pandemic situation. During the times of global Recession, many organizations fail. These organizations fail because of economic shocks; the different governments augment strict monetary policies, taxation policies, the international trade and commerce get severely jolted for supporting the domestic business and economics (Münich & Svitáková, 2017). However it is also true that after the recession is over, there remains a possibility of new employment generations as new organisations may emerge. Apart from this the government policies also become very much lineal after the problems of such recession.
During times of Recession, be it global or domestic, the households confront a hard situation. As most of the employees, especially of the non-governmental private-owned organizations lose their jobs and fails to afford the education of these...

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