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Deakin's Bachelor of Commerce and MBA are internationally EPAS accredited. Deakin Business School is accredited by AACSB. MPM 732 Critical Thinking for Managers Trimester 1, 2018 Speech and Reflection...

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Deakin's Bachelor of Commerce and MBA are internationally EPAS accredited.
Deakin Business School is accredited by AACSB.
MPM 732 Critical Thinking for Managers
Trimester 1, 2018
Speech and Reflection

DUE DATE AND TIME: Week 11, 21/05/2018, 11.59PM
Learning Outcome Details
Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)
ULO 2: Synthesise disparate and complex information to form a
coherent argument
GLO4: Critical thinking
ULO 3: Interpret and transmit knowledge to others using evidence
and judgement
GLO 4: Critical thinking
ULO 4: Identify concepts and apply them to solve a range of real
world problems and take appropriate decisions
GLO 5: Problem solving
Assessment Feedback:
Students who submit their work by the due date will receive their marks and feedback on
CloudDeakin on 04/06/2018, 11.59PM
Description / Requirements
Task: Choose a topic that you want to talk about. Work out an argument in relation to this topic and create &
ecord a short speech. After you have created the speech, write a critical reflection on the same (please DO
NOT record the critical reflection), demonstrating appropriate use of one or more CT models. Like the previous
assignment, this one is also an individual task that each student must do on his/her own. However you may
discuss your work with other students either in class or online.
Your recorded speech is limited to a maximum of 1000 words (+/- 10%) and needs to be submitted
electronically as a media file. The recording has to be accompanied by a written transcript, which must be
exactly same word-for-word as the recorded speech. You can upload your recorded speech onto CloudDeakin
Assignment 2 drop-box as an appropriate media file while the written transcript and critical reflection must
e submitted separately also via Assignment 2 drop-box as a single MS Word document. Therefore your final
submission will consist of two files – a Word document with the speech transcript and critical reflection on
your speech and a media file of the speech recording.
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Suggested approach: Choose a topic that is familiar to you, identify the key issues, work out a set of coherent
arguments for it and provide supporting evidence that is logical and meaningful. Use persuasive reasoning in
your speech and comply with the processes for an effective discourse as presented in this unit. Note that the
topic should ideally be something that requires persuasion and evidence in order to inform and/or convince
your target audience. Although you may choose similar topics to other students, your argument as written in
your transcript must be unique to yourself.
The critical reflection on the speech should analyse its components, arguments, evidence and style.
Word limit: 1000 (for transcript XXXXXXXXXXfor reflection) – max 10% allowance given for each of these.

Mark 30%
Broad criteria for marking (please see posted ru
ic for more details on the marking process):
1. Critical thinking used in the development of argument, explanation, inferences, examples, assumptions, and
eflection – 10%
2. Problem solving – identification of key issues in the topic and defensible resolutions posited – 10%
3. Overall flow and presentation of the speech, reflection and transcript, style, use of evidence – 10%
Submission Instructions
Assignments are to be submitted via the dropbox on the cloud site for the Unit
You must keep a backup copy of every assignment you submit, until the marked assignment has been
eturned to you. In the unlikely event that one of your assignments is misplaced, you will need to
submit your backup copy.

Any work you submit may be checked by electronic or other means for the purposes of detecting
collusion and/or plagiarism.

When you are required to submit an assignment through your CloudDeakin unit site, you will receive
an email to your Deakin email address confirming that it has been submitted. You should check that
you can see your assignment in the Submissions view of the Assignment dropbox folder after
upload, and check for, and keep, the email receipt for the submission.
• Penalties for late submission: The following marking penalties will apply if you submit an
assessment task after the due date without an approved extension: 5% will be deducted from
available marks for each day up to five days, and work that is submitted more than five days
after the due date will not be marked. You will receive 0% for the task. 'Day' means working
day for paper submissions and calendar day for electronic submissions. The Unit Chair may
efuse to accept a late submission where it is unreasonable or impracticable to assess the task
after the due date.
• For more information about academic misconduct, special consideration, extensions, and
assessment feedback, please refer to the document Your rights and responsibilities as a
student in this Unit in the first folder next to the Unit Guide of the Resources area in the
CloudDeakin unit site.
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• Building evidence of your experiences, skills and knowledge (Portfolio) - Building a portfolio
that evidences your skills, knowledge and experience will provide you with a valuable tool to
help you prepare for interviews and to showcase to potential employers. There are a number
of tools that you can use to build a portfolio. You are provided with cloud space through
OneDrive, or through the Portfolio tool in the Cloud Unit Site, but you can use any storage
epository system that you like. Remember that a Portfolio is YOUR tool. You should be able
to store your assessment work, reflections, achievements and artefacts in YOUR Portfolio.
Once you have completed this assessment piece, add it to your personal Portfolio to use and
showcase your learning later, when applying for jobs, or further studies. Curate your work by
adding meaningful tags to your artefacts that describe what the artefact represents.
    Learning Outcome Details
    Assessment Feedback:
    Description / Requirements
    Submission Instructions
Answered Same Day May 19, 2020 MPM 732


Sundeep answered on May 20 2020
127 Votes
Life changes from school to college to professional life. The changes in the lifestyle and the way things works are depicted in the speech given.
Starting from the childhood friends to the family and the ones who have our back, the speech depicted how life evolves and we have to perform in a group in order to succeed.
The reflection gives the strengths which is the positive factor and the weakness that we had while working for the project assignment for the team. There are in all a over-all 8 associates in the team counting myself. Every one of us has a dissimilar character and dissimilar supposed activities which makes the job of being occupied in a cluster more original and takes about a real thing to the plan. The dissimilar opinions and the mind courses helped us to make an art for the corporation and it sought the positive and the rejections of the company that each one of us own and thought of how to use the good points of each member and the strength and in what way to negate the flaws and changing it into the strength that would become a strong point ( Carapina, M. and Boticki, I., 2015)
The way we advanced was to analyse the organisation and find out information. We had numerous thoughts on the single task and we thought about the result out diverse methods to analyse the information for the establishment. Since no body had a connection in the establishment, we considered the use of secondary resources, we studied on the web and found out about the past and the cu
ent projects and the clients of the company. We experienced working in team and separated the plan into many parts and studied independently on the condition of the business.
The use of the Porter’s 5 forces model was where main arguments started taking residence in the cluster since this prototypical is the one which describes the present situation of the officialdom. The model had to be theoretical upon and all the conservational and the corporate factors had to be taken into reflexion in order to understand the condition and the position of the administration. We understood that listening to others is also very important. Since each being had a diverse point of view, no one was inco
ect and no one was precise, but it had to be a whole point of view and the endorsement in the model was us to to appreciate and make our points clear to the associates. (Carapina, M. and Boticki, I., 2015) The comparietive power of the customers was thought and decided if they had more power than the organisation or not and also if the administration is in the place to demand their value from the dealers or the contractors rule apply to the administration. The growth in the porter’s model describes the...

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