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CX XXXXXXXXXXPrinciples of Leadership - Assessment 3- Individual Report1Graduate Diploma in Applied Management / Bachelor of Applied ManagementPrinciples of Leadership - CX XXXXXXXXXXBlock 2 –...

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CX XXXXXXXXXXPrinciples of Leadership - Assessment 3- Individual Report1Graduate Diploma in Applied Management / Bachelor of Applied ManagementPrinciples of Leadership - CX XXXXXXXXXXBlock 2 – 2018Assessment Three - Individual Report(30% of final weighting)Due date: 16th May 2018 Time: 11:55 p.m.Learning outcomes covered:LO 2: Assess and evaluate their current leadership potential (skills, abilities and knowledge) and how these impact on their leadership capability.CX XXXXXXXXXXPrinciples of Leadership - Assessment 3- Individual Report2Assessment 3- Individual Report:You are required submit 1500 words report based on(a) Undertaking a personal leaderships skills audit and(b) Developing a leadership development plan. This assessment is based on the chapters of traits and skills of leaders and guidelines foreffective leadership as covered in topics on leadership throughout Block 2 You are expected to apply relevant leadership concepts, theories and frameworks as youcarry out a self-assessment of your leadership skills and generate a leadershipdevelopment plan to develop your leadership skills for your future roles as aleader/manager when you graduate from OPAIC. This report requires you to read texts and other relevant articles that can help you reflectyour current level of leadership competencies and identify the areas for futuredevelopment. You will need at least 4 academic references (books and journal articles must be in-text citedand referenced in your report).1. Part A- Personal Leadership skills audit (50 marks) (approx..900 words) Choose a minimum of 5 attributes of leaders which is a combination of skills, traits andcompetencies required for effective leadership. Explain these attributes and assess yourcurrent level / performance in each of the identified areas. Use appropriate methods (e.g. SWOT) to evaluate personal skills and assessprofessional skills required to support strategic direction to achieve your goals Prepare a simplified tabulation of your skills profile and assess your leadershipcompetencies. Use example framework as provided below.Leadership Skills &CompetenceExcellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory I don’t haveexperience oneway or anotherDevelopment needsAttribute 1 : ManagingChangePlan and implement changeCX XXXXXXXXXXPrinciples of Leadership - Assessment 3- Individual Report32. Part B- Leadership Development Plan (40 marks) (approx..600 words)Based on the evaluation done in Part A, you are required to reflect and produce a development planto develop your leadership competencies. Prepare and implement a personal development plan that meets Leadershipdevelopment skills and competencies identified in part A in the skills auditconducted The plan should be well set out with realistic SMART goals that are broken down intoachievable milestones. Make sure your goals relate to leadership development. Also note on your plan any resources and timeline that is required for achieving eachmilestone or goal. Example provided as below,Leadership Goals Action Plan Resources Required Timeline.Organising of Tasks / Time management to meetdead lines3. Part C: Oral Presentation (10 marks)Each Individual has 4-5 minutes to present his / her Personal Leadership skills audit &Leadership Development Plan. You may incorporate other forms of secondary data. Usecredible information. Upon completion of your power point presentation you are required to submit to thelecturer a copy of your written report and your power point presentation. If you are citing literature, you must include the references in both presentation.Structure of Presentation Introduction: Personal Leadership skills audit & Leadership Development Plan(1 marks) Discussion: the body part of the presentation (7 marks) Results/Recommendations & Conclusion: (2 marks)
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Principles of Leadership
Principles of Leadership
The role of a leader and a manager combinedly forms an integral unit.
Regular audit of skills and traits towards the identified role in the organization is an important aspect.
It helps in identifying the areas of shortcomings.
Once identified a leader or a manager could work to develop the shortcoming into a...

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