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Critically discuss the skills essential for being a effective manager in a modern workplace?This are the skills you should concentrate on :communication,self awareness ,problem...

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Critically discuss the skills essential for being a effective manager in a modern workplace?This are the skills you should concentrate on :communication,self awareness ,problem solving,Negotiation,managing stress.And you must do in text refrencing in harvard style and you must also do refrencing at the end .Thank you
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Critical Discussion of the Skills required to be an Effective Manager in a Contemporary Workplace    3
Communication    3
Self-Awareness    4
Problem Solving    4
Negotiation    5
Managing Stress    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
The success or failure of an organisation depends heavily on the quality of personnel in an organisation. The manager of an organisation is required to possess a set of skill to ensure the success of the organisation. The manager plays a pivotal role in the top management and the lower level management. This assignment deals with the skills required by personnel to be an effective manager in the modern workplace. With the passage of time, there is a significant change in the set of skills required to be an effective manager. Communication, self-awareness, problem-solving capability, negotiation and managing stress are the critical skills required to be a manager in a modern setting.
Critical Discussion of the Skills required to be an Effective Manager in a Contemporary Workplace
Communication skills are one of the most important skills that a manager should have. In order to perform their roles effectively, it is important for the managers to possess good communication skills. As mentioned by Chaudhri (2016), their main role is to communicate with different people regarding different topics. Hence, they must be able to communicate to the suppliers, to the customers, to the team and to the financiers effectively. Communication skill consists of a number of sub-skills. Setting up an objective is the first step towards reaching a successful conclusion. The manager should have the ability to set the objective or goal to be achieved. The manager should be able to communicate the action or plan that can be used to achieve the objective.
The manager should be able to assign tasks and delegate the job responsibilities to the subordinates. The managers should be able to provide co
ective feedback to those individuals who are not being able to perform their work properly. As stated by Balaji et al. (2016), the managers should be able to appreciate the good performers of the organisation. The manager should be able to communicate the importance of change, adaptation, flexibility and refinement according to the conditions without changing the overall objective of the organisation. Effective communication act as a building block for every organisation.
In the views of Sunindijo (2015), effective communication supports in decision-making and determining an alternate course of actions. Communication also helps in developing the attitude of people. A person having more information will have a better attitude than a person having less information will. In controlling process, communication plays an important role as it allows the manager to communicate to understand the grievances of the subordinates.
Self-awareness skill is one of the most valuable leadership competencies. Self-awareness is being aware of the individual’s competencies and acknowledging the improvements to be made. As mentioned by Dobkin (2016), to envision growth and continual development, it is important for managers to have an understanding of the strengths as well as weakness. Since a manager does not have the knowledge of everything, it is important to evaluate own capabilities and strive to improve. Self-awareness allows managers to understand those areas in which they need to improve as well as identify those areas in which they are effective.
There are different ways by which self-awareness can be improved. Managers should keep a mind open to other possibilities. This openness gives a feeling of support to others and ensures that they are accepted as a valued team member in the organisation. Being honest about the strengths and shortcomings put the leader in such a position improvement as well as growth becomes easy. As supported by Paradiz et al. (2018), managers should keep themselves aware of the business environment. An organisation works in a dynamic environment; hence, it becomes important for the managers to keep themselves updated about the changes taking place in the environment so that further steps can be taken accordingly. They should also have an understanding of boundaries and limitations.
Managers should always create such an ambiance, in which the team members feel supported and comfortable but at the same time, managers should keep in mind that nobody takes advantage of such an environment. As suggested by Bolden (2016), they should be strict if the situation demands....

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