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CPCSUS5001A - Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability Assessment There are three parts to this task. The total length of this assessment is approximately 1800 words. PLAN 1....

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CPCSUS5001A - Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability


There are three parts to this task. The total length of this assessment is approximately 1800 words.


1. Write a report in which you make recommendations for a sustainability policy in your workplace. (Length: approximately 800 words)

2. Write the sustainability policy for this organisation or section of the organisation. (400 words)


3. Discuss the methods you will use to communicate your policy to your internal and external stakeholders.

4. Create one example of a communication you could send to internal stakeholders. (For example, you could produce a memo or email.)

5. From the policy above, write a set of procedures that will ensure improvement in resource efficiency.

6. Outline the methods you will use to track/monitor continuous improvement in sustainability processes.


7. List and describe the methods you will use to review the success of the sustainability policy and procedures.

8. Prepare a report to key personnel and stakeholders in which you provide feedback to key personnel and stakeholders regarding the success or otherwise of the policy. Your report should include discussion of investigations you have undertaken to identify trends that may require remedial action. Identify any aspect of sustainability procedures that may require revision to comply with the organisation’s commitment to continuous improvement.

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Karan answered on Apr 25 2020
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Develop workplace
Sustainability policy
Recommendations for a sustainability policy at workplace    3
Sustainability policy for the organisation    5
Methods used to communicate the policy to stakeholders    6
One example of communication    6
Procedure to improve resources efficiency    7
Methods to track continuous improvement    7
Methods used to review success of sustainability    7
Report to the stakeholders    8
Recommendations for a sustainability policy at workplace
Coles Supermarket is one of the leading players in supermarket industry of Australia, and it is dominating the supermarket retail industry of the country. In the present scenario, businesses are encouraged to take active participation and focus on areas such as sustainable. Furthermore, they are also motivated to develop and implement effective policies which can support in accomplishing their objectives and goals linked to sustainability. In simpler terms, sustainability policies are the one which supports companies in ca
ying out effective management of their triple bottom line[footnoteRef:2]. Brands such as Coles have developed a certain practice which assists in reducing its environmental, social and financial risks. [2: Schaltegger, S., Hansen, E.G. and Lüdeke-Freund, F., 2016. Business models for sustainability: Origins, present research, and future avenues.]
However, it can be critically argued that there are certain changes which need to be ca
ied out by Coles in its existing policy and practices linked to sustainability. Some recommendations for the same are mentioned below as:
It can be recommended that the selected business enterprise, i.e. Coles should focus on taking a
oad and more comprehensive view of areas such as sustainability. It can be expressed that at present, the sustainable policies of Coles are directed towards one particular aspect which is an environmental issue[footnoteRef:3]. The cu
ent policies encourage the
and to ca
y out business operations and activities which do not create any negative impact on the environment. [3: Ferguson, M.E. and Souza, G.C. eds., 2016. Closed-loop supply chains: new developments to improve the sustainability of business practices. CRC Press.]
Thus, it is suggested that Coles should look beyond addressing environmental issues through its sustainability policy. The planet, people and profit are the three key aspects of sustainability, and it is required by companies to focus on all three aspects. Along with taking care of the environment, the
and also needs to emphasise on areas such as social responsibility and economic value.
It is also suggested that Coles should now focus on integrating its strategy related to sustainability with an overall business plan. In the present scenario, companies neglect the need for integrating their sustainable policy with an overall business plan and this result in creating obstacles for the businesses regarding accomplishing their goals related to sustainability. The benefit of integrating business plan and sustainability policy is that it will help Coles to identify the net return on investment (ROI) of its sustainable initiatives.
After reviewing Coles existing sustainable practices, it can be expressed that the selected business enterprise has neglected the need for involving stakeholders in the process. It can be recommended that Coles should now focus on engaging key stakeholders such as employees, investors, customers and suppliers in the process of developing sustainability goals and strategies[footnoteRef:4]. The rationale behind this is that it will help the
and to create a sense of satisfaction among stakeholders and the
and will be able to develop more effective policies linked to sustainability. [4: Singh, M.P., Chakraborty, A. and Roy, M., 2016. Entrepreneurial commitment, organizational sustainability and business performance of manufacturing MSMEs: evidence from India. Int. J. Appl. Bus. Econ. Res., 14(6), pp.4615-4631.]
It is also suggested that the company should focus on aspects such as managing effective communication with all stakeholders. At present, the...

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