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Copyright_Assignmentv3.docx Page 1 of 4 Copyright Assignment Welcome to the Copyright Assignment This self-study guide has been developed so that you, as a prospective IT Professional, understand your...

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Copyright_Assignmentv3.docx Page 1 of 4
Copyright Assignment
Welcome to the Copyright Assignment
This self-study guide has been developed so that you, as a prospective IT Professional, understand your
ole and responsibilities in regard to adhering to the Copyright Act and protecting copyrighted
The definition of Copyright according to is the exclusive right to make copies,
license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, etc.:
works granted such right by law on or after January 1, 1978, are protected for the lifetime of the author
or creator and for a period of 50 years after his or her death.
The primary purpose of Copyright according to the Australian Copyright Council is to provide an
incentive for people to produce new works for the benefit of society as a whole. The incentive is created
y the opportunity to be paid when other people use those works.
Copyright protects the way ideas or information are described or expressed (for example, in a document
or drawing), not the ideas or information themselves.
Something is protected by copyright if it is:
- A form of expression covered by the copyright act
- Recorded or fixed i.e.: written down or saved digitally
- The result of some skill and effort, and not merely copied from somewhere else.
You can infringe copyright by using all or part of someone else’s copyrighted material without their
permission. A person who infringes copyright can be sued by the copyright owner and taken to court. A
court can order a range of things, including that the infringer pay compensation and pay the copyright
owners cost.
In an IT environment there is constant use of digital media like Operating Systems, Movies, Programs,
Graphics Music files, and Websites that can be protected by Copyright. It is in the company’s best
interest to adhere to the copyright act or face the possibility of huge fines and possible Jail;
To complete this Module you will need access to the internet.
Search for the Copyright Act and the different types of amendments that have occu
ed over many
years. The act will work as the foundation for this assignment.
Please enjoy learning about the Copyright act and how it relates to you and your organisation as an IT
Feel free to contact your trainer if you require any assistance.
Copyright_Assignmentv3.docx Page 2 of 4
In order to understand the impact of
eaches of Copyright in relation to Company information, please
list down the types of data that you use on websites that you believe could be protected by Copyright.
The assignment will be
oken into two parts.
Internet research is the main vehicle to gather required content for your assignment.
Ensure you have researched sufficiently to provide a detailed, relevant report.
Ensure co
ect referencing is used, Harvard type.
Copyright_Assignmentv3.docx Page 3 of 4
Assignment 1
Your first assignment for this module is to review the Copyright Amendment Act 2006 and detail a
eport for management to
ief them on the changes to the act and how that relates to them as a
company. Also take note of the copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000 and add any relevant
information from this into your report.
Assignment 1-Changes of the Act
Report 500 words maximum.
12pt font single spaced.
- Access and become familiar with the cu
ent Australian Copyright Act and any Amendments.
- List areas of concern addressed by the Act, e.g. Media, Operating Systems, Programs etc.
- Identify Changes that are relevant in the Copyright Amendment act 2006
- Report your findings to management in concise manner using terminology they will understand.
- Make recommendations for implementation and distribution of new policies to adhere to the
Assignment 1 Resources
The first part of the assignment will be require you to create a detailed report to management
identifying any changes to the act in 2006 that are relevant to us in an IT work environment.
Find the Copyright Australia website and obtain detailed information about the purpose of copyright
and the processes involved. Pay particular attention to Copyright purposes and sources.
To see what you can copy under the Act try searching for “What can I copy/communicate?”. Review the
search results and review credible sources. This will provide more information about how to implement
copyright protection and what to do in relation to any
eaches in copyright.
There are times when the Act needs to be amended to include new information.
Become familiar with the amendments in the Copyright amendment Act from XXXXXXXXXXYou should be able
to find this information by searching for “amendment to copyright act Australia”. It may also be worth
esearching the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000 for any additional relevant
The Stanford Law School has published a video by Prof. Eric Faden of Bucknell University that highlights
how fair use is defined in the USA. View it at http:
or search “A Fair(y) Use Tale”. It is covered under a Creative Commons license seen below. It would also
e of benefit to review CC licenses.
Take note of how the attribution is handled at the end of the video.
Copyright_Assignmentv3.docx Page 4 of 4
Assignment 2
Your second assignment is to develop a policy for management that identifies details that assist in the
prevention and management of Copyright infringements and any possible repercussions for the
The idea behind the second assignment is to detail in simple terms what management can do to prevent
eaches of copyright from anyone in the organisation. You will also need to list steps taken to
educate the workforce on how to prevent any
eaches in copyright. Ensure co
ect referencing is used.
Assignment 2-Process for Preventing Infringements
Policy 500 words maximum.
12pt font single spaced.
- Access and become familiar with the cu
ent Australian Copyright Act and the Amendments.
- List areas of concern in relation to Copyright Infringement
- Detail a procedure to determine compliance
- Detail in the event of infringement the actions, remedies, offences and penalties that will result
- Report your findings to management in a clear concise manne
- Make recommendations for changes to ensure compliance of the Act
- Recommend prevention techniques
- Recommend ways to educate users to prevent infringement (policy distribution)
Assignment 2 Resources
Your second assignment will be to create a Copyright policy that will detail how to prevent, deal with
and manage any infringements in Copyright.
Do a web search on “Infringement of Copyright Australia” and review the results to see what can be
done about infringements and what penalties apply. This will assist you in formulating this task.
Also search for the “Australian digital alliance” website. This is a site designed to promote balanced
copyright law.
Now, if you haven’t already read the Australian Computer Society (ACS) code of professional conduct
please access it at the ACS website. This is also required for the ethics assignment. We as IT
professionals have a responsibility to maintain a high standard of ethical conduct
ehaviour in the
workplace. We are entrusted with a large amount of control over, and access to information and data
of our clients and others. Often we are communicating with clients who know little of our industry and
we have a responsibility not to take advantage of this situation.
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