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Copy and Paste Your Assignment HereYou are required to write a case study analysis (1, XXXXXXXXXXwords, single space) and the case that you are required to present online. The "case method" is an...

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Copy and Paste Your Assignment HereYou are required to write a case study analysis (1, XXXXXXXXXXwords, single space) and the case that you are required to present online. The "case method" is an approach to learning that encourages you to extract valuable lessons from the real-life experiences of others ("cases"). Writing the analysis of a case study may be something you are unfamiliar with. However, developing the skills required for writing such a report is important. Analyse, don’t report! The analysis should not simply restate the facts in the case but instead should take our understanding of what is happening in the case to a higher level. Demonstrating a high level of understanding requires the application of the various concepts and models to bring greater clarity to the situation in the case. In any scenario, the main idea is to identify a problem (or a set of problems), analyse/hypothesize critical drivers of that problem, and offer a solution, provided in a set of recommendations. The solution stage is typical can be proposed as a set of alternative solutions, evaluation of the alternatives, and then recommended course of action. We use case teaching because it allows us to make teaching relevant, apply theory and judgment to real problems, and enable students to learn from each other and not just from the teacher. Brand case study analysis format: I. Cover Page (Page 1) II. Situation Analysis and Problem Statement (Page 2) a. A brief background of key relevant information/facts pertinent to the case. The first step in systematically analysing an organisation's marketing problems is to conduct a situation analysis. This answers the question, “Where are we now?” Once you have conducted a thorough situation analysis, you can identify the problem(s) facing the organisation. Be careful not to assume that the characters in the case are objective or accurate in identifying the problem or make a rush to judgment about the problem. b. 1-2 sentences succinctly describing one primary key problem facing the organisation. The statement should be direct and actionable, e.g., the problem must be stated in some way that the organisation can take action to solve the problem. It should also be strategically focused, not tactically or operationally focused. One (of the many ways) to determine whether a problem is strategic is to ask yourself “What happens to the organisation within the next 3-5 years if the problem is not solved?” c. 3-5 sentences describing the best case, likely case, and worse case scenarios if the strategic problem is not addressed (i.e., no action is taken): 1-2 sentences for each scenario III. An Alternative Solutions and Recommendation (Page 3-4) What are reasonable options for solving the identified problem? While you should initially consider the options discussed in the case, do not assume that these are the best or even appropriate alternatives, especially if these options are not consistent with the problem— identification of feasible or plausible alternatives. Alternatives must be strategic, and they must be mutually exclusive. For example, two alternatives for an issue could be to a) buy the competitor or b) not to buy the competitor – obviously, the organisation cannot do BMA710 – STRATEGIC BRAND MARKETING both. You will usually develop 2 or 3 alternatives in an analysis. Rarely, if ever, is “do nothing” or “continue doing what they are doing” a strategic alternative for a case. For each alternative briefly details the alternative (1-3 sentences) and then: i. Discuss 2-3 strategic advantages of the alternative (1-2 sentences for each advantage) ii. ii. Discuss 2-3 strategic disadvantages (1-2 sentences for each disadvantage). An Evaluation and Recommendations section where you select 1 (and only 1) alternative from the list above as the recommendation – this answers the question of “what should the organisation do?” a. Describe 3-5 key decision criteria and/or assumptions, with rationale, that will serve as the basis of the decision (2-3 sentences). What are the criteria that can be applied to reach a decision among the identified alternatives? These may depend on the organisation’s circumstances, including organisational goals (e.g., 20% increase in sales) or be generally sound criteria for making a decision such as profitability. In order to objectively consider the alternatives, you need to identify common criteria that can be used to sort out the best choice. These criteria should include both quantitative and qualitative factors. For example, you might compare two different potential target markets in terms of market growth (quantitative) and competitive threat (qualitative though it may be based on quantitative elements such as a number of competitors). b. State the recommended course of action (from your list of alternatives) and possibly provide a little more elaboration of the recommendation beyond its description in the alternative section (1-3 sentences). Comparison and evaluation of each alternative on common, defined evaluative criteria. Distinguish between relatively important and unimportant criteria used to evaluate and compare alternatives. Analysis should include both quantitative and qualitative elements. Market and financial analyses are critical to the successful evaluation of alternatives. This includes projections of profitability, sales, market share, costs, etc. In a systematic and consistent fashion, each alternative should be compared on the same common criteria to clearly illustrate what the best choice would be for the organisation. c. Describe why the recommended course of action is the best alternative and the weaknesses of the other alternatives that prevent them from being selected as the recommendation (2-4 sentences) d. Describe the goals/vision behind the recommendation (2-5 sentences).
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Situational Analysis of Fossil Watch        2
Table of Contents
Situation Analysis and Problem Statement    3
SWOT analysis    3
Problem Statement of Fossil Watch    5
An Alternative Solutions and Recommendation    6
Option 1 - Sustaining Innovation Strategy:    6
Option 2 - Blue Ocean Strategy:    6
References    9
Situation Analysis and Problem Statement
SWOT analysis
Solid Global Presence
The organization has in excess of 500 outlets, and the
and is notable in excess of 150 nations and three districts of the world.
The organization expects to switch a descending pattern in ordinary watch deals by focusing more on smartwatches. Future business accomplishments for the organization might rely upon upgrading and extending its wearable options through extra authorized
ands and further growing rapidly expanding locales like the Asia Pacific. The work of art and classic determination at Fossil is its greatest resource. This is apparent in every one of its lines, which incorporate adornments, watches, and totes (Shay, 2003). The organization's way of thinking is that exemplary plans made of prevalent materials will continuously be in style. The
and might be a cu
ent that fills somebody's heart with joy better as well as something you need to buy for yourself.
Portfolio of Solid Brands
Throughout the long term, Fossil Group Inc. has made impressive ventures to foster areas of strength for
ands. The Fossil Group Inc. SWOT examination causes us to notice this reality. The group's image portfolio comprises its own
ands as well as coordinated efforts with staggering groups from one side of the planet to the other. They believe that their accomplices can empower them as a
and to extend their crowd. Share its energy for inventiveness, creativity, and accomplishing something useful.
Phenomenal Performance in New Markets
The organization has been talented at
eaking into new markets over the long haul. The firm has had the option to
oaden its monetary cycle risk, lay out new revenue sources, and assemble new income streams thanks to the extension. The development of connected watches is evidence that Fossil Group is as yet seeing advantages from corporate change. The
and’s major areas of strength for had in wearables as the Armani and Fossil
ands developed. Asia, in the meantime, major area of strength.
Strategic Partnership
To grow the market for crossover smartwatches, Fossil Group, Ltd. Furthermore, Citizen Watch Organization, Ltd. have sent off a global strategic permitting joint effort. The cross-
eed smartwatch innovation from Fossil Group is matched with CITIZEN's involvement with watch developments across the world. This joint effort will utilize CITIZEN's eminent aptitude in watch developments. The game plan will let gatherings cooperate to improve smartwatches later on.
the acquisition of new advancements
More noteworthy ventures are required for new innovation. To bind together these activities, Fossil Group means to develop into new districts and increment its mechanical spending. The organization's mechanical speculations miss the mark regarding aspiration. Furthermore, Fossil has collaborated with Google and Intel to make wearable advances, extending its web and versatile deals channels.
maybe humble accomplishment beyond the essential business
Notwithstanding being a market chief, the business has confronted hindrances while attempting to differentiate into new item classes. Fossil Group Inc. shares as of late fell 23%, to their lowest level since Walk 2009. This was to a great extent made by the organization's calfskin division's failure to neutralize the extension of wearables. Also, Fossil detailed declining deals of adornments (12%), cowhides (21%), and watches (9%) (Tsogkas, 2023).
Varieties in Purchaser Need
These purchasers will generally be more established, richer buyers with critical extra cash or youthful twenty to thirty-year-olds looking for bargains on wellness trackers. They would choose names like Rolex in the event that they could bear the cost of the extravagance. In neither of these classes does fossil fit.
Internet-based and multichannel.
Throughout recent years, the organization has made a huge interest in the Internet stage....

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