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Concepts and Theories of Health Behavior Assignment Overview The Session Long Project (SLP) is a progressive assignment that involves assessing a health behavior; researching and identifying an...

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Concepts and Theories of Health Behavior

Assignment Overview

The Session Long Project (SLP) is a progressive assignment that involves assessing a health behavior; researching and identifying an evidence-based model or best practice strategies to best address the health behavior; creating a plan (i.e., program or an intervention) and outlining implementation procedures; and suggesting appropriate evaluation tools to measure effectiveness of the proposed program or intervention. This will be developed in phases throughout the session. The task and assignment expectations for each segment of the project will be explained in each module.

Choose one of the following topics to focus on for the rest of the Session Long Project (SLP):

  • Teen pregnancy.
  • Older adults’ injury from falls.

You will be writing your Module 1 - 4 SLP assignments based on the one topic you have chosen from the list above.

For Module 1, conduct a literature search utilizing peer-reviewed journal articles, books, professional organization articles, government Web sites, etc. Write a 3-page background paper on the health behavior you selected. Make sure you meet the expectations in order to be eligible to earn full credit.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

  1. Identify one topic and a target population (from the SLP topics above) to focus on. Describe your target population and the health behavior(s) that relate to the topic you have chosen.
  2. Based on your literature search, assess and provide background information on the health behaviors. Include statistics to explain the scope of the problem.
  3. Provide an explanation as to why it is important to address the health behavior you have chosen.
  4. What benefits or consequences do the behaviors have on individuals’ health?

I need 2-3 in-text citations, APA, 2-3 References
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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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    In terms of framing the idealized healthcare care services across globe, the social needs of people must be addressed with high priority. People tend to stick to their conventional beliefs, restricting the entry of new interventions, though medically sound enough to help them sustain their community in terms of healthcare, resulting in the form of gaps in the healthcare services properly delivered. In Latin American context, the culture has been identical with the social issue of teenage pregnancy which has been understood as the result of traditional system of the societies across all nations. However, it ahs to be understood that the problem of teenage pregnancy is not about experiencing the motherhood at an early age, instead, it is symbolic to the social, psychological and several medically driven problems to the teenage girls who are forced to have a subjugated identity.
The Background of the Problem
    At first, the major factor associated with the teenage pregnancy in Latin American community is about the traditional culture of the tribes and u
an living people i.e. the male domination in the society is still seen with effect and women find fewer spaces in comparison of men in the society of working. They are forced to remain within the homely premises and girls at the young age are encouraged to ‘transform’ themselves from a young girl to an adult woman. Pregnancy has been assumed as something which has the ability to alter the thinking...

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