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Competency In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Apply metrics and feedback from social media platforms to create and adapt communications Scenario You work...

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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Apply metrics and feedback from social media platforms to create and adapt communications


Pasta Amore restaurant logo in red and green with the “o” of “amore” as a tomato.

You work in the communications department at Pasta Amore, an Italian restaurant chain with the following mission: “To provide a warm atmosphere for your family where we can share the traditional cuisines of Italy. Our food will always be fun, fresh, and filled with love.” Pasta Amore is opening a new location, and your manager wants you to be in charge of creating a social media campaign test, which will include the creation of a social media message, an analysis of early reporting metrics, and an adaptation of that message to be launched as part of the campaign. The goal of the project is to increase engagement among existing customers, acquire new customers, and provide an incentive to dine at the restaurant.

Your manager is having you conduct this test because she is not sure of the best approach, as she lacks much experience with social media. Your initial message should be created by keeping in mind the goals of the communication project as well as the mission and vision of the company. The vision is outlined in the image below. Some of your manager’s initial ideas include a family-related contest, such as having followers share a favorite family photo or describe what family means to them in response to your post. She is considering providing a coupon or gift certificate to a weekly winner that is chosen at random. While these are some of her initial thoughts, you may use one of her ideas or craft your own based on the company mission and vision as well as your own critical thinking and, if necessary, informal research.

Pasta Amore logo and image of pasta dish on the right. On the left, vision statement that reads: Pasta Amore combines the cooking traditions and ingredients of Italy with creativity, providing a modern twist on timeless classics. Our vision for the future is to grow and learn along with our customers. In doing so, we aim to provide an atmosphere that enables this growth and fuels the passion that lives within the essence of the brand. The approach of Pasta Amore is to develop our brand with the understanding of both our culture and consumer insights. Within our vision always lives the promise of inspiring creativity, conversation, and quality.


The following are the three main sections of the social media campaign test that your manager would like you to include:

  • Initial Message:First, you will need to create an initial social media message to get the campaign started. Be sure to refer to the scenario so you understand the communication project goals and type of message to be created. You may choose any social media platform for this message based on the provided audience engagement survey results. The message may include images, text, videos, or any other media content. You will be adapting this message based on the metrics you receive.
    • Rationale:Include a brief rationale that explains why you chose this platform and message based on the available information, citing specific examples.
  • Metrics Analysis:Your message has now been tested on the social media platform you have chosen, and you have received metrics and feedback in the provided social media metrics report. Read through the report, as it will inform your decisions for message adaptation in the next step. Your manager has also asked you to include the following as part of your analysis:
    • Analytical Tools Analysis:Your manager had to create the social media metrics report by hand and by using a number of metrics that she had to find on her own. She would like you to research at least two possible analytical tools for the social media platform that you chose to be used in evaluating your adapted message in the future. You may find these tools through online search engines or on the platform’s website itself. If you choose, you may select an analytics tool that combines data from more than one social media platform. Answer the following for each tool:
      • What insights does this tool provide? For instance, does it include demographic information, audience interests, audience engagement, and so on?
      • How might you use these insights in creating and adapting messages?
  • Adapted Message:Use the information from the social media metric report to tailor and adapt your message. As you adapt your message, you may want to think about the following:
    • What did you learn about the types of people your message is and isn’t reaching successfully?
    • How might you reach a wider audience by adapting your message? For instance, if only an audience of 15- to 18-year-olds was sharing your post, how might you reach 20- to 30-year-olds? Or if only those of a particular gender were commenting on your post, how might you reach those of an opposite gender?
      • Rationale:Finally, include a brief rationale based on the available information that explains what you changed from the original message and why, citing specific examples.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Social Media Campaign Test
You will create a 1,000- to 1,500-word report on your social media campaign test. The report will include an initial message, a metrics analysis, and an adapted message that will help your manager create an effective social media campaign for Pasta Amore.

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Running Head: SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN TEST                    1
SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN TEST                            3
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Initial Message with Rationale    3
Metric Analysis    4
Adapted Message with Rationale    5
Summary and Conclusion    6
References    7
In this 21st Century, everyone in their daily routine uses social media for at least 2 - 3 hours. That is why social media is booming a lot and has gained a lot of importance. It means the marketing, which organization do on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. In compare to e-marketing and digital marketing, social media marketing is more popular (Alalwan, Rana, Dwivedi & Algharabat, 2017).
Initial Message with Rationale
The better a social media marketing strategy is, the better are chances are for the success of the organization. Social media marketing demands the same three things that the small business does, which are time, energy and creativity. Addressing the social message for the Pasta Amore, it has highest engagement in Facebook and Instagram. The organization can adopt themes and use their hash tags in Instagram to make it more famous. For example, it was adopt in the case of Sta
ucks’s unicorn Frappuccino.
Social media platform triggers young and technology savvy people. Organization can use these platforms to create viral sensations. Messages like “life is all about magic and pasta” can be use to attract the attention of the online engagement. For Pasta Amore, hashtags strategy will be use such as #pastaamore, #lifeisallaboutmagicandpasta. In addition to it, Pasta Amore will announce giveaway passes and discount coupons. It is an effective way as there is no requirement of third party for this contest.
All the organization needs to do is to give away a gift, a point of contract, stated terms and condition and most important a creative way to enter by using hashtags, creative content and posting stories. Pasta Amore can use tactics such as requesting for posting of the food on customer’s Instagram account and consequently, that customer would get a free desert or a certain percentage of discount (Dorsch, Zimmer & Stock, 2017). These are the great ways to increase engagement, followers and contribute in the promotion of the company.
Creating Facebook community page, where people can share their stories, ideas and suggestions to organization as well as to each other is also a great idea. Once it creates a Facebook page, organization get a free platform to promote its...

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