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Company Name = FLEET Website =

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Company Name = FLEET
Website =
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Anju Lata answered on Mar 27 2020
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    Company Name: FLEET
Student Name:________________
The assignment unravels the business model of Fleet (space technology) Company, which is specialist in connecting thousands of industrial (Internet of Things) IoT devices in distant remote areas of the world through satellite connectivity. The report analyzes the critical factors which make the company successful and also presents different business models adopted by companies mostly.
Keywords: Fleet, model, IoT, satellite, distant, critical, industrial.
Table of Contents
1. Abstract                            2
2. Table of Contents                        3
3. Introduction                            4
4. Business model canvas                        5
5. Relationship across 9 building blocks                7
6. Critical Success factors                        8
7. Down Risk Assessment                        9
8. Potential Changes in business model                11    
9. Conclusion                        12
10. References                            13
Founded in 2015, the fleet is fast-paced, connectivity organization of next generation. Its objective is to connect everything with help of space technology and advanced telecommunication methods. The Company aims to increasingly utilize the efficiency of available resources and encourages future revolution in the industrial sector by providing cost-effective and omnipresent connectivity services. The Company has its head office in Adelaide, Australia and holds many offices in Netherlands and California (Fleet,2018).
The Company provides a complete solution to deploy and connect LPWAN networking in different Organizations on demand, under the expert supervision of satellite engineers and connectivity professionals. It offers IoT enabled services to be implemented in business models of the companies. The company provides large-scale IoT connectivity in remote areas which have no network or WAN or any type of cellular connectivity. IoT services are hugely successful for Connecting distant Farmlands and Agricultural Fields, tracking and controlling the logistics, maritime logistics, environmental predictions and large-scale industrial agricultural deployments. Industries can deploy their own personal Low Power WANs at the center of remote farms or can detect transport cargo movements while in transit.
Source: https:
Figure: IOT Connectivity; Source: https:
(a) Providing connectivity to distant farmlands: includes monitoring the health, yield, and movement of animals in the farm, evaluation of crops, water availability, climate and soil fertility in the farmlands, planning the harvest, labor management, and minimize the unimportant wastage of resources.
(b) Applications in Maritime Logistics include handling the fuel management and planning the route, remote management of cargo containers, tracking of origin and destination, and safety of cargo during the voyage.
(c) Implementation of smart mining technology involves
idging connections between nature, man, and machine with safety management of equipment.
(d) Monitoring environmental impact by measuring the possibility of disasters, growth promoters and disease prevalence in remote areas. It also helps in assessing the air and water quality and investigates wildlife species.
Business Model of a company refers to a sequence of steps starting from how a Company designs its business product, presents it in the consumer market and finally how it earns profitability from the business (Hossain,2014). Basically, the Business Model Canvas includes 9 elements:
i. Customer Segments: All the Organizations which need connectivity to handle their operations...

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