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Answered Same Day Mar 23, 2020


Shashank answered on Mar 27 2020
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What factors account for the election of Donald Trump as US president? Is the rise of Trump primarily due to economic anxiety or an expression of resentment of minority groups and immigrants?
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The beginning of populist wave in U.K. with Brexit finally spread to other parts of world reaching United States in spectacular fashion on the night of Tuesday, 8th November 2017. The country saw one of the biggest upsets in its political history, the new president was elected with the name of Donald Trump, the famous businessman of the country.
The results came with a shock because the polling ceiling was maintained to less than 50% throughout the campaign for Mr. Trump. The best political pundits made the bet on Mrs. Clinton which got stunned post results. Though multiple reasons have been cited for the turnaround that shook everyone, the major factors that have played a key role are discussed below.
The vote count was never a problem for Hilton as it was more than anyone else who planned to run the election. With a lead of more than 600 thousand votes Hilton already surpassed the vote count of Trump and Al Gore. Democrats were able to win the popular vote but unable to crack the key which hold the highest importance i.e. victory in the Electoral College where they lost at 2 places. Abiding by the constitution, it gives power to them for picking up the president. This is where the game changed for Democrats and Clinton. Hence the results.
When compared to the total turnout with previous election, the number are almost same. But the vote share that Clinton earned was less than Obama and majority of votes went to third party candidates. The reason attribute towards this trend can be given to dissatisfaction among the voters about the candidates they have to choose. With the options given, the choice was made which surprised many speculators. (Sides, J., Tesler,M. and Vavreck, L, 2017)
The dependency of Clinton on Obama coalition can be seen another reason of not reaching sufficient vote count that the previous president got. The number of votes were nearly 5 million fewer than the previous figures. Surprisingly, the numbers were similar when Trump lost 4 years ago. The reduction in vote share from various groups led to major reduction to number which mattered. They were the youngsters (18-29-year-old), Latinos, Black voters and the Post Graduates. While the young people chose 3rd party candidates (up to 8 percent votes chose to move) Latinos didn’t gave results as high it was expected. Latinos were the people which was expected to make ground for loss at other places. It did give results at certain places where Clinton won, but the high hopes didn’t work very well for them. Similar trend was observed with black voters where the pattern didn’t come up as expected. The traditional vote bank of black voters dropped significantly as compared to Obama. These numbers are game changing because winning in places North-Carolina and Michigan could have made a difference of around 120,000 votes.
The populist action against the immigration and trade policies that trump campaign throughout his campaign made to the top of list of reasons. Trump roared about this about liberal immigration and how it is affecting Americans. His strong words like building wall on Mexican border and deportation of millions of illegal immigrants might have faced criticism but it ignited a spark in the heart of fellow citizens. Promise of tearing trade agreements and getting jobs for American by
inging manufacturing back in nation
ought a hope in the voters. It came out of no surprise Trump performed really well in areas where white class voters resided thanks to his focus on immigration policies till the Election Day a
ived. Republicans which em
aced generous immigration policies and free trade never able to grab attention of blue-collar workers.
The big question that struck mind of many people is how someone who lack any political experience win elections and more importantly make it as an asset in campaign. The timing of Trump running for president matched with the lowest point in beliefs of American in country administration. The feeling that country is going in the wrong direction was prominent. This was complimented by Trump show of hostility towards political, media and business administrations in the country. He showed the hope that the lost trust can be
ought back only when someone revolts about it.
Also, the unorthodox and vulgar style of Trump was perceived as more genuine when compared with Hilton who seemed to be highly cautious and created sophisticated plans for winning the political battle. This style positioned Trump as an agent of change and for Clinton it just worked in wrong direction. She automatically got positioned as established candidate, which proved fatal for the campaign. The fight of people against status quo now could only be won when someone like Trump come to power instead of person who knows in and out of American administration and White house. For those who is acquainted with the history of White house, similar strategies were used by previous presidents (Bill Clinton used anti-establishment strategy against President George H. W. Bush who was perceived to be out of touch elitist.
Another major aspect on which light need to be thrown is the timing of disclosure during the campaigns. For this the role of FBI director who made these disclosure needs to be given credit. When Clinton...

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