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CEO Memo - Innovating ‘Abundant Rarity” In this assignment you will prepare a Memo for the CEO of your selected luxury company (Louis Vuitton). You will critically reflect on ‘Abundant Rarity’, the...

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CEO Memo - Innovating ‘Abundant Rarity”

In this assignment you will prepare a Memo for the CEO of your selected luxury company (Louis Vuitton). You will critically reflect on ‘Abundant Rarity’, the strategic dilemma of luxury growth and rarity.

You will identify a luxury company and one of its brands, research how the company is addressing the ‘abundant rarity’ dilemma (for the selected brand), in at least one mature and one emerging market, and proposenew ways for the brand to continue to grow (in the selected markets) while still appealing to extraordinary customers (those who ensure the long-term desirability of the brand). In this memo, it is crucial to critically present a compelling,well written, well organized, concise, and evidence-based argument. Data sources must be properly cited in-text and referenced at the end of the Memo (APA 6th Style Referencing).

You are free to select the structure you consider appropriate for this C-level memo, however it is recommended to start with a short executive summary, followed by the main "argument" , conclusion and next steps.

Remember that it is a MEMO for the CEO of Louis Vuitton and therefore should be structured and worded as such.

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Running Head: MEMO                                    1
MEMO                                            5
To: CEO of Louis Vuitton
Executive Summary
Louis Vuitton Malletier is commonly recognized as Louis Vuitton. It has been greatly acknowledged by its initials LV. Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house. Louis Vuitton deals with luxury goods. It was found in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Luxury products are found to creep into the global market. Nevertheless, the reputation of Louis Vuitton has not suffered degeneration remarkably.
In this memo, discussion will be done regarding the business of Louis Vuitton. The memo will address the “abundant rarity” dilemma in at least one mature and one emerging market. The memo would show the proposals on the way; Louis Vuitton would continue to grow instead of having adversities. The proposed ways would continue to appeal to the extraordinary customers who have long-term desire for the
Luxury is a concept typically images of the lives of established and rich people. They have been called people above ordinary. They are the inhabitants of elite societies. In order to find the origin of luxury it is found that luxury was discovered first at religious temples, churches Egyptian pyramidal tombs. Later luxury became the mark of societies built on aristocracy. In the past, luxury
ought the classification of societies.
However, this classification got affected owing to the emergence of newly acquired status of rich countries. However, the sudden out
eak of the pandemic has shaken the world economy globally. In this juncture, people living on all strata of the society got affected to some extent. Therefore, the question of the “abundant rarity” dilemma has taken birth. It is to see the way; this dilemma will be addressed by the companies who deal with the luxury products.
Brands of Louis Vuitton Malletie
The study shows that Louis Vuitton has 75
ands in six business groups. These are— Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewelry, Selective Retailing and Other Activities (Kurm et al., 2019). All these...

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