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Case Study AnalysisGoal: The goal of this assessment is to encourage the student to incorporate multiple course concepts in an applied way. Product: Report. Format: Case study analysis. Criteria...

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Case Study AnalysisGoal: The goal of this assessment is to encourage the student to incorporate multiple course concepts in an applied way. Product: Report. Format: Case study analysis. Criteria Please see below. 1. Analysis of behavioural and organisational issues exemplified in the case studies XXXXXXXXXXApplication of appropriate conceptual frameworks/models/ theories supported by scholarly references XXXXXXXXXXQuality of argument in support of recommendations XXXXXXXXXXRecommendations for changes that address the issues identified XXXXXXXXXXQuality of report presentation including clarity of expression, professionalism of layout and formatting, grammar and spelling.
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Running head: Morale and Motivation of teams
Morale and Motivation of teams

Morale and Motivation of teams
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Executive Summary
This report highlights the pros as well as cons of using teams and recommendations of using teams as a Sunflower Foods potential strategy. This report also includes approaches to staff motivation and to improve engagement along with morale of the team working for the organization. Finally, key elements that are associated with the driving and effective strategic change linked with team motivation and morale strategy are also discussed in the report.
Executive Summary    2
Introduction    4
Behavioral and organizational issues exemplified    4
HRM issues impact Sunflower Foods    6
Pros and cons of using teams and your recommendations of it as a potential strategy    6
Pros    6
Cons    7
Sunflower Foods should approach staff motivation to improve engagement and morale    8
Appropriate conceptual frameworks/models/theories/evidence    10
Key elements associated with driving effective strategic change associated    12
Recommendations    13
Conclusion    14
References    15
Human resources management is described as a coherent and strategic approach to manage the organization's valuable assets, teams work there, and they individually or collectively contribute to achieving their goals. The human resources between them are inherently complex and their management is still the biggest challenge facing companies today. A motivated workforce is an important aspect of organizational success and competitiveness, so this issue has been emphasized in the minds of business leaders (Ha
is, 2014). However, in recent years, hiring employees has become more challenging due to three reasons. First, globalization, information technology, and other changes have changed the employment relationship. Second, reducing the number of executives in an organization to reduce costs leads to the supervision of more employees per supervisor, while the final organization cannot supervise those who are behind. Sunflower food is a medium-sized manufacturing factory. The factory produces a variety of baking-related products and sells it in major supermarket chains throughout the country. At the factory, the organization cu
ently employs approximately 65 full-time employees and employs 10 to 30 temporary employees from labor service companies. There are 8 managers (promoted by the frontline with limited leadership experience). This part of the business will be described as a blue collar worker). This study includes the issue of human resource management for sunflower food organizations and discusses in this report some suggestions for improving human resource management issues for Sunflower foods.
Behavioral and organizational issues exemplified
The company has identified its internal culture and human resource management issues as key areas that require attention, such as low morale and high motivation. After attending the MBA program, the CEO believes that a team-based structure may help increase employee motivation and morale, and ultimately increase productivity. Low teams morale may be a serious issue for the company. Unsatisfied employees may lead to decreased productivity, decreased customer service quality, and employee retention issues. Although incentives, incentives, team's recognition programs, and other incentives can help employees improve their morale, the morale of Sunflower Food Company is low, so it is essential to be capable of identifying or determining the root causes of such issues (Meisel, 2014).
Changing employee objectives may exhaust teams who try to do their jobs. It is important that Sunflower should its teams that something (project) is a significant goal is an incentive for good employees, however when they devote all their time and energy to achieving this goal, they just give up this goal for a new goal and the result may be frustrating Dejected, lack of sense of accomplishment. Teams must be assigned with tasks that the team may accomplish, together with understandable guidelines on how to complete the task and goals that indicate when the task will be completed. Nothing will reduce morale like chaos. Teams lacking clear guidance may spend days, several weeks or even several months on one particular job and cannot accurately understand their expectations. When this happens, they often underperform under the management's standards and often reduce morale when they start believing that they are wasting company funds as well as its time. This issue is easy to solve. When hiring new employees or assigning new responsibilities to exist, employees, hiring managers should clarify job expectations and a
ange co
ect procedures and deadlines for training. The moral of employees who understand the usefulness and methods of completing tasks on a daily basis is far higher than the morale of people who wander around aimlessly or spend time doing things that become lifeless (Jackson & Seo, 2010).
HRM issues impact Sunflower Foods
In the business environment, less morale can be disastrous and can cause discontent, less productivity, absence, or even abandonment. Due to low morale, they are different, but the effects are usually similar. Less morale may be disconnected between employees, colleagues, jobs, managers, and companies. This is not an organizational requirement. Eventually, less morale led to strong economic business. Although weaker economies usually try to minimize these problems, employees may have to face the challenge of finding other opportunities, but no company should be self-satisfied because the opportunities can suddenly appear. The costs related to absence, business, training, and training can be high. Payment companies take steps to ensure that they are solving the most important issues for their employees and continuously monitor the morale of their organizations (Chen, Zhang, Jiang, Shi & Liu, 2016).
On the other hand, less motivation means less productivity and it is often considered a problem. Less productivity has emerged from many indicators, including poor quality of the domestic product, lack of competitiveness of products in the international market, lack of skill, low production technology, poor labor relations, and poor management of human resources. Fewer employee motivation companies can prevent organizational goals from achieving, and less productivity, employee turnover, and profitability may be less. 
Pros and cons of using teams and your recommendations of it as a potential strategy
Promoting Creativity: When employees work together in the group, they often work together to understand the ideas, innovations and creative ideas that benefit the organizations. Many organizations have formed diverse teams that enable team members to learn from each other's experiences and abilities. Diversity within the team is beneficial because different cultures deal with issues and topics in different ways
Providing inspiration: Members of the coordination team can motivate everyone included in a team. A sense of achievement gained from working simply with a more productive team enhances employee morale and makes employees more eager to succeed. Active employees benefit companies by providing better customer service and by increasing productivity and efficiency (Stulgienė & Čiutienė, 2012).
Build trust: Another advantage of the team within the organization is that teamwork can create trust among all employees. Teams who trust each...

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