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Case Management Case Assignment Before continuing with this assignment please view this short video: Case Management Nursing And Utilization Review Practice

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Case Management

Case Assignment

Before continuing with this assignment please view this short video:

Case Management Nursing And Utilization Review Practice

Assignment Expectations

Case management programs are usually considered to be an element of the Quality Assurance Program. However, some health care professionals believe that they may be more interested in managing costs rather than quality of care. Considering this issue please respond to the following questions in a 4- to 6-page paper:

  1. Do you believe that case management programs are more concerned with reducing costs or improving the quality of care? Please justify your position.
  2. Discuss the limitations of a typical case management program and their strengths.
  3. Do you believe that case management programs will become a medical program necessity in the future? Justify your position.
  4. In your opinion, how important are "gatekeepers" to the case management process?

I need 5 pages, APA, 4-5 in-text citations, 4-5 References

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Anju Lata answered on May 18 2020
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1. Though the case management programs involve a balance of patient needs to make the process cost-effective, it implements the policies to utilize the resources in a best possible way of utilization to suit the individual needs of the patient (American Academy of Case Management, 2016). The cost reductions are mainly aimed to improve the quality of care. It matches the available resources to the requirements of the patients to improve the quality of patient care. The costs are reduced without affecting the patient care (Gowing et al, 2016). As a part of case management programs, the patient-centered care assigns professionally trained healthcare workers to offer extensive care coordination and treatment facilities. It helps the patients to select from multiple available options of service, involve various options for treatment, prevents unnecessary admission to hospitals and unimportant visits to emergency ward; changing the environments which impose i
elevant additional expenses (Kim et al,2016).
2. One of the common limitations of the case management program is the availability of limited resources to support the services of case management. Case managers are required to support for intensive durations and have responsibility for all round management of the case. The agencies find it difficult to retain the well trained and qualified case managers as there are more responsibilities and the compensation is very low. Therefore, staff turnover is an important issue faced by many agencies. In many countries in certain communities, there is limited availability of mental health services, dental services, and emergency services. This scarcity imposes a challenge in case manager’s duties of helping the victims access the services. Moreover, there is limited availability of culturally compatible services which could facilitate the communication with the client in their native language. The case managers also face the challenges of limitations to information sharing with other agencies and the service providers. They need to maintain the confidentiality. This practice often proves as a ba
ier in keeping the client informed about his case progress and diagnosis reports. There are problems when the clients expect the case managers to inform them about certain information and the managers are unable to provide answers to their clients (US Department of Health & Human Services, 2008).
Strength: The constant and stable presence of Case Manager for the victims is important for the success of the case. The case manager educates the victims about their rights,...

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