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Task 3 – International Promotion Case Study For this assessment you must complete the following case study. Scenario: You work as International Marketing Manager for Maxi-Chocs an Australian Luxury...

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Task 3 – International Promotion Case Study
For this assessment you must complete the following case study. Scenario:
You work as International Marketing Manager for Maxi-Chocs an Australian Luxury Chocolates and
Sweets Manufacturer. You cu
ently have 20 % of the market share of luxury Chocolates (imported) to New Zealand. Your company has the goal to increase its market share to 50 % of the Luxury Imported Chocolates Market to New Zealand in the next 24 months. You have been asked by you
manager to plan a promotional strategy. You have a budget of $20,000 to conduct market research, over the next 6 months. You will then have a Promotional budget of $ 40,000 maximum to use for promotional activities
Part 1
Market Research has many forms: Discuss how you would undertake market research in order to maximise the success of your promotional activities for Max-Chocs in New Zealand. Include reference to the following:
1 internet research
2 book, magazine and journal reviews 3 business trips
4 networking opportunities
5 seminars
6 business contacts
7 feedback from customers
8 feedback from cu
ent supplier and wholesale outlets
Part 2
Evaluate the following Promotional activities. Discuss three or more of them, and decide on a
strategy for promotion of Maxi-Chocs in New Zealand in the next 24 months, in order to increase their market share to 50% of Imported Luxury Chocolates:
You promotional activities can include:
1. advertising
2. client and employee functions
3. demonstration activities
4. free samples and gifts
5. media announcements
6. product launches
7. web pages
8. sales promotions
9. direct marketing
10. publicity
11. public relations events,
12. personal selling.
13. Raising product awareness through supporting charities
14. Local community involvement
For this task, you will need to provide evidence of:
1. Choosing appropriate market research strategies
2. Research methods of promotional strategies
3. You need to provide conclusions and recommendations about which promotions to undertake
4. Provide budget costings for promotions and specific promotional activities you have chosen
Prepare a report to cover both parts 1 and 2.
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Running Head: International Promotion         1
International Promotion         
Table of Contents
Part 1: Market Research    3
Introduction    3
Methods to undertake market research    3
Conclusion    6
Part 2: Promotional Activities    7
Introduction    7
Evaluation of promotional activities    7
Conclusion/ recommendations    11
References    13
Part 1: Market Research
    Promotion is identified to be one of the most important elements of the marketing mix, which the organisations must use efficiently, and effectively to expand their business and to increase their profits. To ca
y the promotional activities efficiently and effectively it is mandatory that a deep and extensive research of the market shall be done before making a move to promote or launch a product into the market. In simple words, market research can be defined as a systematic, organized and well planned process or gathering information about the target market and potential customers. It also includes identifying and analyzing already existing competitors in the market. Without conducting an extensive market research, it is difficult to have a sound promotional and business strategy. Market segmentation, product testing, loyalty analysis etc. are some of the methods, which help to conduct market research. As mentioned by Brace (2018) it is important to have a sound plan and structure to effective market research. Therefore, for Maxi-Chocs to succeed in their promotional activities in New Zealand it is important for them to conduct extensive market research based on well-structured and organised methods and procedures.
Methods to undertake market research
    Several methods have been defined which can help to conduct extensive market research in an efficient and effective manner. For Maxi-Chocs to execute their plan for the promotional activities, successfully following methods could be deployed for market research:
Internet Research: Internet has become a part of businesses today. Internet has been used by the businesses as a most prominent tool nowadays to conduct market research. Internet is a pool of information available from where the businesses can gain a lot of meaningful information, which can help the business to grow sustainably. Businesses can conduct SWOT analysis using the internet to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Internet shall also help to conduct PESTLE analysis of the market. All these approaches will help the business to identify their potential customers and will help to analyze the strategies of the competitors so that a better strategy could be planned to gain an edge over the existing competition. Using internet as a tool to conduct the research it is ways to reach out to a large number of people who can be asked to fill a questionnaire for better understanding of the market.
    Books, magazines and journals: Books, magazines and journals can be used extensively by businesses to gather a lot of information about the target market and choice and preferences of the potential customers. Books magazines and journals help to understand the buying behaviour of the people. It also helps to understand the strategies and promotional activities undertaken by the competitors. Through the articles being published in magazines or books it is easy to understand the consumer behaviour of the target market. In the opinion of Gibson, Rosen and Stucker (2015), it is important to recognize the potential of the market before entering into the market.
    Business trips: As an international marketing manager it is not only necessary to conduct the internet research and research through books, magazines and journals but it is also extremely important to conduct business trips in person to understand the target market deeply and extensively. Business trips encourage face-to-face communication and thus reduce the chances of miscommunication consequently leading to better understanding of the market. Business trips also help to establish good public relations. Agents can be appointed by Maxi-Chocs through business trips, which can help the business to expand in other markets by empathetically providing an understanding of the target market and consumer behaviour in the market.
    Networking opportunities: For Maxi-Chocs to expand its business in New Zealand it is extremely important that the chocolate
and grabs all the opportunities of increasing its networks. Having good relations with the public and other players in the market will help to research the market in a better way. Through good networks, many people with different demographics can be reached to understand their choices, preferences and their buying behaviours. If a business grabs on the networking opportunities it becomes easy to conduct market surveys, which assists to conduct good research of the market. This shall also facilitate personal interviews. According to Johanson and Mattsson (2015), gra
ing on the network opportunities helps the organisations to make better decisions for the future.
    Seminars: Attending seminars as an international marketing manager will help to learn several methods, which shall enhance the ability and skills to understand the target markets and potential customers in a better way. These seminars help to identify valuable measures, which can be utilized to support the research, which has been conducted. The seminars shall also help to gain an insight into identifying and determining the best market research methods, which will, helps to reduce the costs incu
ed by the companies in conducting market researches or surveys. This shall help the business to expand its opportunities and reach to the market.
    Business contacts: ...

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