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Research Design and Methodology 1. Qualitative Research Students should propose the process of qualitative research (main steps), approaches to reliability and validity, sampling, sample size, data...

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Research Design and Methodology

1. Qualitative Research

Students should propose the process of qualitative research (main steps), approaches to reliability and validity, sampling, sample size, data collection method, variables specifications

2. Quantitative Research

Students should propose the process of quantitative research (main steps), research instrument, quantitative data analysis process, sampling and sample size, interviewing and questionary design, reliability, and validity of data


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Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Project Objective    5
Project Scope    6
Literature review    7
Advantages    7
Quality and cu
ency of articles and sources used    8
Gaps identified and conclusions    9
Research Questions/Hypothesis    10
Primary Question    10
Secondary Question    10
Research Design and Methodology    11
Qualitative Research    11
Qualitative Research    11
Approaches to reliability and Validity    11
Sampling    11
Sample Size    11
Data Collection Method    12
Variables Specifications    12
Quantitative Research Design    13
Quantitative Research Design    13
Research Instrument    13
Quantitative Data Analysis Process    13
Sampling and Simple Size    13
Interviewing and Questionary Design    14
Reliability and Validity of Data    14
Research Limitations    15
Time Schedule (Research plan)    16
Conclusion    17
Appendix    18
Reference    19
Literature review explains the advantages and disadvantages of open data in business innovation. I select areas regarding business success of business innovation and rate of return which are my dependent variables. I want to check dependency of business success on basis of type of data (categorized as big data or open data). I also wish to check the difference in the mean return rate between different sectors namely local level, public and private secto
Project Objective
The objective of the literature is to:
· know the importance of open data in the business innovation
· research the sources of the open data
· specification of data required as per the industry
· application of open data in business innovation
Project Scope
Scope of project tells me that requirement of open data is important in the age of globalisation when business innovations are considered. Open data is necessary for any kind of business innovation. Various sources of open are discussed in the Gap.
Literature review
Open data of organization can give a clear focus on business innovation. An expanded organizational characteristics will also
ing competitive advantage which will be favor of the organization besides attracting potential customers. (Chan, 2013).
There is huge significance of open data in field of business innovations in business world. Public data are provided by countries like USA, South Africa, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico. This signifies the importance of the open data in the business world i
espective of the industry and the country. Jetzek et al. (2014) open data gives transparency and hence it has become one of the most famous element in business innovations for any industry.
The new trend of innovation is open data which increases the citizen engagement. (Ches
ough et al. 2014). Availability of the open data is controlled by the policies and the regulations of government. The policy of protection and leak implementation of open data is maintained by government. The consumers’ intentions, behaviour, situation or the market, demand and supply is influenced as different sections are explored as open dada provides the organisation with huge sources.
Business professional and departments like the finance & HRM department strategize pollens for the innovation (Ghezzi et al. 2014). Significance of open data is immense in all types of industries like health, social...

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