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Choose one of the following topics: · Check Kiting and Check 21 · Fraud Prevention in Hiring New Employees · National White Collar Crime Center · National Fraud Information Center · Insurance Fraud ·...

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Choose one of the following topics:
· Check Kiting and Check 21
· Fraud Prevention in Hiring New Employees
· National White Collar Crime Cente
· National Fraud Information Cente
· Insurance Fraud
· Whistle blowing and Protections for whistle blowers
· Computer Forensics
· Privacy Issues in using Surveillance and other covert operations
· Digital evidence in fraud investigations
· Statement analysis to determine if a person is lying
· Use of polygraph tests in a fraud investigation
· Fraud reports
· Joseph T. Wells
· SAS #99
· Benford’s Law and digital analysis
· Behavioral symptoms of fraud perpetrators
· Examples of Invigilation
· Mortgage fraud
· Examples of consumer frauds
The following topics describe how fraud occurs and how it can be prevented and detected:
· Vendor fraud
· Payroll fraud
· Billing schemes
· Bid-rigging schemes
· Expense disbursement schemes
· Embezzlement and employee theft
Search the Internet and locate articles relevant to your topic. In your paper, be sure to point out the key points as well as your opinion of your findings.
 Submission Instructions:
· The paper should be typed written, double space, font size 12 Ariel, with a 1 ½ " margin on left and 1" margin on right.
· The paper should be formatted per cu
ent APA and 5-7 pages in length, excluding the title and references page.
· Incorporate a minimum of 3 cu
ent scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. A company's website is not considered a reference. Academic references include journals and publications. Check your online li
ary system. You may use academic journals and/or business publications. Please also make use of your class textbook (chapters 1-18 and appendices).
· Uses of headings, tables, graphs, diagrams, and figures are recommended.
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Running Head: Whistle Blowing And Protection For Whistle Blowers     1
Whistle Blowing And Protection For Whistle Blowers                 10
In the present times the whistle blowing is something that has become very common. It is considered as a term which is preferably used when a person passes or transmits vital information concerned with different kinds of wrongdoing, whether it is co
uption or sexual harassment. The term is considered as making a disclosure or blowing the whistle. It is considered as a daring and an appraisable work, which is ca
ied on by the person who belongs to the organization, or he is closely associated with the organization.
The fact is concerned as the whistleblowers are extensively on the target of the one who clearly got affected by the disclosure made. The protection of the whistleblower is the main concern, as they are the one who dare to get the truth out and make the people aware of it (Carollo, Pulcher & Guerci, 2020). The whistle blowing is considered important as per the organizations point of view as the organization as well as the managers of the organization should be made aware of any kind of misconduct and the malpractices prevailing in the organization. The whistleblowers are eventually needed to be protected so that more and more people could get encouraged to stand against the ill practices.
Whistle Blowing
Whistle blowing is the most proficient term used when a person preferable passes the information or the abstract concerning any kind of wrongdoings either it is the co
uption or the sexual harassments. In the meantime the person are the one who are generally associated with the company as the employees as well as the supplier and the customer preferably are the one who initiates the whistle blowing as they are aware of the several facts and figures (Mazzei & Ravazzani, 2020).
The people who initiate the whistle blowing consider the activity in the meantime, when they feel some behavior that is considered as illegal or misconduct or the one who does not fit with the code of conduct of the company (Andon, Free, Jidin, Monroe & Turner, 2018). The whistle blowing is done regarding any suspicious activity that is preferably not appropriate and social as per the societal and general point of view. The whistle blowing can initially be ca
ied on within an organization or publicly.
Types of Whistle blowing
There are preferably two types of whistle blowing organizational whistle blowing and the public whistle blowing
Organizational Whistle blowing
It is considered as the preventive tool for the organization which is initiated primarily to reduce the risks of malpractices and i
egularities. The organizations preferably empower the employees as well as the stakeholders so that they could make the organization aware of any kind of ill practices prevailing in the work environment or the organization (Latan, Ringle & Ja
our, 2018). The organizations who primarily take their code of conduct seriously will therefore considerably put in place mechanism to enable organizational whistle blowing most primarily the corporate whistle blowing system or hotline and a whistle blowing policy or guidelines. The organizations and the managers to make the work environment a healthy place to live (Bartuli, Mir Djawadi & Fahr, 2016) promotes this kind of whistle blowing.
Public Whistle blowing
There are several cases where the person did not have much trust in the organization, the above mechanism are primarily not in the appropriate place or there is no any possibility to be an anonymous whistleblower, in that case the person may be more inclined to blow the whistle publically. The public whistle blowing primarily includes the reporting to the media, police, or through the online social channels, which
ings a greater risk of reputational damage for the organizations. In some of the instances, there is a duty to blow the whistle to a professional body or regulator...

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