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a financial analysis of two nonprofit organizations: one of your own choosing and a comparable organization. Your paper will compare the financial health of the two organizations using the methods and...

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a financial analysis of two nonprofit organizations: one of your own choosing and a comparable organization. Your paper will compare the financial health of the two organizations using the methods and techniques that we discuss in class. The final paper should be approximately 15 pages long, though this is meant as a guide, not a rule. (I have chosen the organizations, completed a "preliminary analysis" assignment, and have other documents that may help to complete the final paper)
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Title: Financial Health
For this task, two non-profit organizations are selected, namely - Network for Better Futures and Unlocking Doors. It can very well be said that both of the non-benefit firms that are selected have secured a stable monetary positionin the market.In order to understand better, an in-depth financial analysis will be conducted, which will include the findings from the financial analysis that is done previously. Notwithstanding, still, one firm is in front of the other, and each one account of the distinctions are used as parameters of comparison for both organizational gains. Both of these non-benefit associations are set in a proper manner with conveying their financial positions similarly. Both the organizations objectify their aims as not making gains and engage in offering different philanthropic help, in a consistent manner by utilizing whatever amount of their various resources and assets will overall permit.
Main Body
Overview of the Companies
Network for Better Futures
One of the major missions of this organization is fueling the desire of men for turning their lives around as well as walking on a new path toward the sound success and good health. Furthermore, this firm also works for altering policies that play significant role in locking the individuals out of the society into the cycles of violence, homelessness, unemployment as well as incarceration. On the other hand, this firm is also striving for altering the practices that undermine the ability of an individual for working, live in excellent housing as well as care for their respective families. There are four major principles on which the firm tends to depend which are
· Work matters a lot
· Everyone deserves to be a part of the American dream
· The present systems are unfair and tend to generate unacceptable outcomes
This company came into existence in the year 2007 and this model has helped men throughout for realizing their potential for success and also become responsible members of the community who tend to pay taxes, earn wages, as well as support children in terms of building their own success stories (Better Futures).
The company tends to value:
· The potential of all of the individuals
· Personal responsibility
· Willingness to learn and hard work
· Meaningful as well as authentic relationships that are based on openness and trust
· Building colorful communities
· Creating success stories as well as achieving the original outcomes
Their success is dependent on the proper performance of the workers and theirconsistency of talent, vision, skills as well as the perseverance of the advisors, employees, and also partners. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be stated that at Network for Better Futures the firm knows the men they tend to serve and as a social company, this firm is accountable toward the private investors as well as to the local and state governments who purchase their innovative services.These services help to provide men with integrated, comprehensive as well as the support they need to stay out of the prison system that is costly and also remaining productive as individuals in the society. Network for Better Futures tends to work via an integrated and evidence-based model that connects men with the four major fundamentals such as housings, health, coaching, and also jobs along with it focusing on personal accountability, healing, and hard work. Furthermore, all of the parts work together in a significant manner for achieving positive results and also personal transformation.
Unlocking Doors Inc. –
The firm came into existence in the year 2010 and it is significant statewide diversion along with its reentry
okerage network that is mainly committed for reducing crime as well as ever-escalating fiscal effect concerning the State of Texas and its communities via coordinated partnership, collaboration, awareness of the public, reporting about predictive trends and evidence-based data, training and also education (Unlocking Doors).
This company with the help of its unique, diversified model namely Reentry Brokerage/Predictive Trends as well as its collaborative and coordinated partnerships with a lot of community service providers and companies, is building the reentry program that is based on the community for Texas. It will be providing services for a seamless and smooth transformation into a proper society for the people with criminal backgrounds. I
espective it is directly from incarceration or they are already staying in the community (both unsupervised and supervised). The headquarters of this firm is in Dallas but the firm is also planning to expand and has expanded its significant network of offenders, consisting of those who have a mental illness, throughout the entire State of Texas, with an opening in some of the locations such as Ha
is, Bexar along with-it Travis Counties by the year 2018.
It can be argued that this particular initiative is excellent as it will be encouraging the service providers along with the State stakeholders for focusing on providing long-term solutions toward the complicated problems that are connected to the successful reintegration of different communities. The organization focuses on the tracking of the client, that is coupled with statistics and also analytics that is evidence-based for reducing the significant gaps in duplication of services as well as significant services, promoting accountability, alongwith it allows for more coordinated and thoughtful policies, along with funding that will be making greatest impact and also moving the needle on this particular problem.
This firm is nationally recognized as a nonprofit company that searches for promoting and creating the safest and productive society by enhancing the reentry service delivery toward former offenders via community and individual empowerment, engagement, and also education.
Challenges faced by the Two Non-ProfitOrganization
The following are some of the main challenges faced by both organizations....

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