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Business Essay

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Examine and Critique    3
Company’s performance    4
Examining the positive and negative behaviour    5
Discussion of impact and implication of the company's actions in society and stakeholders    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
The social performance assessment helps in covering an a
ay of areas involved in the audit process. This is the process which the company adopt so that the low performing areas are identified within the organisation so that the portfolio of the organisational structure can be strengthened. In the cu
ent study, social performance management will be evaluated for Uber Technologies Inc. Uber Technologies is an American multinational company that provides services that include ride-sharing services, ride-hailing and offer micro-mobility as well as food delivery. The study will involve in analysing the social management initiative that the organisation has been taken up in the last few years and its positive and negative aspects.
Examine and Critique
Uber technologies follow a concept of the sharing economy where the company aims to protect the capitalist regime. The company have been increasingly growing and adopting socially responsible actions in terms of policies and processes. One of the main reason why Uber has taken up the social responsibility in the next level because the company aims in contributing to the social good considering all the restraints and the constraints within the social order in terms of the legalities, administrative procedures and regulatory procedures[footnoteRef:2]. The company needs to comply with the social responsibilities through a legal framework that has been defined by the state so that the common good is promoted, supported and developed. [2: Nurhidayah, Fitriyah, and Ficky Alkarim. "Domination of transportation network companies (TNCs) in Indonesia: an Indonesian case." International Journal of Business, Economics and Law 12, no. 3 (2017): 11-20.
Uber's Corporate Social Performance involves the understanding of the social and corporation’s common good. Uber cu
ently operates through two different business models based on their social responsibilities[footnoteRef:3]. In the first model, Uber offer services and goods with the help of mobile internet and application while in the second they have created a web platform where the owners share agreements so that they can share their goods through Uber’s application. Although, the concept of the sharing economy had always been criticised and discussed; however, through the help of the sharing economy, Uber has maintained and followed the norms of social responsibility. [3: Nurhidayah, Fitriyah, and Ficky Alkarim. "Domination of transportation network companies (TNCs) in Indonesia: an Indonesian case." International Journal of Business, Economics and Law 12, no. 3 (2017): 11-20.
The shared economy of Uber has allowed the company to provide wage-earning opportunities so that its net effect results in a shift in the secure tradition jobs and creating a platform of part-time job opportunities.
The launch, as well as the consolidation of the business plan of Uber, was not simply to make profits but also the organisation has assumed social responsibility supporting and promoting common good through a balanced business. However, many have debated on how the organisation Uber have distu
ed the traditional taxi business providing an opportunity to people driving taxi who does not have proper skills. However, it can be said that Uber successfully launching a smartphone application that will render a job if they have a valid driver licence and insurance policy have increased the employment prospects for the people. With the change in the traditional taxi business, Uber has introduced a...

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