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Task Part A - Plan for Implementation Your recommended suppliers/contractors have been accepted and you are now required to provide a detailed outline of how the new systems will be implemented....

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Part A - Plan for Implementation

Your recommended suppliers/contractors have been accepted and you are now required to provide a detailed outline of how the new systems will be implemented. Present the plan in business report format with the planning tool attached as an Appendix.


The implementation plan report will include the following:

  1. A planning tool, such as a Gantt chart outlining the major tasks/milestones and sub-tasks required to implement the new system. For each task ensure you have included:
    1. Timelines
    2. Staff member responsible

 An outline of the method of implementation you will apply. For example, parallel. Also include a summary of the physical and human resources required for implementation (equipment and staff).

 A summary of the consultation you will conduct during the implementation process. Include the method of consultation.

 An outline of the proposed training for existing and proposed staff. Include a training needs analysis and a training schedule.

 An outline of the contingencies you will put in place to ensure minimal disruption to the operation of the business during implementation. Include areas of risk such as software failure, delivery delays and staff resistance.



Part B - Future monitoring

List the strategies you will use to monitor the new system. Consider how you will evaluate the following areas:

  • Ongoing effectiveness and security
  • Training for existing and future staff
  • Customer satisfaction (delivery times, service, product availability)


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David answered on Dec 24 2019
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Implementation Plan for Training Needs
Part A
The report mentions about the training needs for the suppliers those who are selected. For planning, tool, a gantt chart has been prepared that includes the major tasks, milestones, subtasks, timeline and staff member responsible for training. The outline of implementation is mentioned. Summary of the consultation conducted during the implementation process and method of consultation is offered. Proposed training outline for existing and proposed staff with training needs analysis and a training schedule have been mentioned in the report. Outline of contingencies are also proposed for minimal disruption in the operation of business at the time of training needs program implementation. The risks of software failure, delivery delays and staff resistance are considered for this. Report mentions about the future monitoring system and strategies. Evaluation techniques for ongoing effectiveness and security, training for cu
ent and future staffs, and customer’s satisfaction in terms of delivery time, service, and product availability are elaborated.
Gantt chart
Task name days 1 15 days 16 30 days 31 60days
Pay roll training    
MS office training    
File management training
WHS training
Client data base training
Privacy and confidentiality
Change management training
Communication training
Performance evaluation
The above training Gantt chart needs to be used for suppliers training. Milestones for the training programs as well as timeline to complete the training are mentioned in the Gantt chart. For example, completion of payroll training should be completed in three days.
The training programs are meant for Luke, Isaac and Ethan. Luke will receive training in payroll, MS word, file management, client data base, and privacy and confidentiality. Isaac will gain training in MS office, WHS, privacy and confidentiality, change management. Ethan will gain training in payroll, MS office, file management, WHS, client database, change management and in communication.
The responsibilities to provide these training programs are allocated to certain people. Payroll training will be offered by HR manager, MS word, File management, and Client data base training will be offered by IT manager. Privacy and confidentiality, and WHS training will be offered by HR managers. Change management training will be offered by external consultant. Communication training will be offered by the public relation officer.
Outline for implementation
Introduction of the purpose of training program, back ground and scope, points of contact, approach used in training, issues and recommendations, needs and skill analysis, training modes such as class room training and support of audio visual equipments, schedule of...

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