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BS6701 - Innovation Innovation Audit report (2,500 words + or - 10%) is based on the innovation audit of an organization as attached. DHL 1. Formulate and articulate appropriate questions based on...

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BS6701 - Innovation
Innovation Audit report (2,500 words + or - 10%) is based on the innovation audit of an organization as attached. DHL
1. Formulate and articulate appropriate questions based on theory to determine the type and level of innovation activity in a live organisation using learning form class and personal study in a professional manner
Individual portfolio
Group project
2. Identify and critically assess an organisation’s innovation policy and the components of the innovation management process across an organisation, demonstrating an ability to apply theory in practice
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Executive Summary
Deutsche Post DHL is the German parent company of the logistics giant DHL. In this report we provide the introduction of the company which specifies the roots of the organisation and the value structure on which it is built. The expansion of the organisation and the frameworks. In the report we have analysed the organisation with the help of Porter’s 5 forces which defines the way a logistics organisation can be affected by the external factors, the SWOT analysis defines the major capabilities and the weak points of the company, the development areas and the danger areas. The McKinsey’s 7 S models define the strategy, structure, style, system, staff, skill, shared values. DHL’s 2025 and 2050 vision has been clearly mentioned along with the benefits to the society and the business. The report talks about the organisation with viewpoints of multiple frameworks and analysis.
Table of contents
DHL vision for 2025----------------------------------------------------------------------5
Porters 5 forces----------------------------------------------------------------------------7
McKinsey 7s Framework--------------------------------------------------------------- 11
Benefits to society and business------------------------------------------------------- 14
DHL express is a division of a logistics company with an origin of Germany. Deutsche Post DHL is an international courier provider which delivers the parcels and the couriers with express and the mail service. Being the world’s largest logistics provider Deutsche Post DHL the service of the company is impeccable. The main domains of the forte of the company is the Sea and the Air mails. SanFrancisco and Honolulu are the 2 states of United States of America. To deliver the posts and the courier between these two places, DHL was founded in the year 1969. It was in the late 1970’s that the services of DHL operated around the world. The company was primarily interested in the courser service in the offshore and the inter-continental deliveries. It was the competition of the FedEx which prompted the expansion of DHL in the intra US domain of the US. (DHL (c). (2015). )The service was started in the year 1983. It was the year 1998 when Deutsche Post started acquiring the shares of DHL. The Deutsche Post acquired the controlling shares in DHL in the year 2001 and had acquired all the outstanding shares by the end of December 2002. It was the express division which held the place for DHL in the company. The
and name of DHL was used in other sectors and domains of Deutsche Post and thus increasing the
and presence of DHL. In today’s world DHL Express has extended its name in DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply chain. The core business of DHL has expanded in the name of DHL Express, DHL ecommerce, DHL Parcel, DHL Freight etc.
From the date of origin, DHL has continuously expanded and grew its expertise in the field of
· Express Air and Ocean Freight
· Overland Transport
· Contract Logistics Solutions
· International Mail Services
DHL’s Vision for 2025
DHL values sustainability of the environment along with sustainability of the business. Sustainability of the environment has become of the major issues in the cu
ent world. Along with DHL multiple more organisations are taking part in preventing the use of harsh substances which degrades the environment in lieu of the business expansion. DHL has envisioned its culture for the better and the greener 2025. The contribution of DHL for the environment is the Green Logistics which is planned to be implemented in DHL. When an organisation thinks big and analyses big, it becomes important and easier for the organisation to take steps in a stronger manner towards achieving the sustainability of the environment. (DHL (d). (2016).)
The final aim of DHL is to reduce the emission content of logistics to zero by the year 2050.
To successfully achieve the target of zero emission logistics a number of interim ambitious goals and steps are being taken to achieve sustainability and implement profitable business strategy.
The first step to achieve the zero emission logistics implementation by the year 2050 is taken by the first step which is till the year 2025.
By the end of the year 2025, DHL aims to achieve:
1. Improvements in the ca
on footprint by the year 2025 up to 50 percent compared to 2007 levels. This new target is taken on the basis of the approach by the Science based Target Initiative.
2. Reduction in the local air pollution by operation of 70 percent of DHL’s own first and last mile services with a clean pickup and delivery solutions which are made possible by the delivery on Bicycles and electric vehicles.
3. Green solutions to be incorporated by more than 50% of the sales team. This helps to implement the customer’s supply chain to be greener and cleane
4. Provide the GoGreen certificates to more than 80 percent of the employees and help them get involved in the environmental and the climate protection activities. To improve the contribution an act of planting one million trees every year has been taken up to improve the forest cover.
The shared Value Proposition
The idea that the business grows stronger with the strength and the improvement of the environment helps to
ing value to the proposition and solution offered by DHL.
The values and the ethics of GoGreen are implanted in the core strategy of DHL.
Strategy2020: Focus.Connect.Grow – The connect pillar of the triad focusses on the implementation of Green logistics and
inging together the group’s divisions together under a unified um
ella of commercialising these operations. The GoGreen program of DHL is one of the pioneer programs of the world. It was as early as the year 2008, that DHL became the world’s first logistics company to initiate a green movement and reducing the ca
on footprint in the year 2007 by approximately 30 percent over...

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