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Reflected Best Self Exercise

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BMGT 366: Reflected Best Self Exercise
As summarized in Study Your Successes, the Reflected Best Self Exercise leads to positive outcomes as you understand your strengths and how others view your contributions. The Reflected Best Self Exercise provides a concentrated dose of positive feedback and highlights areas of strength to cultivate. Developing your strengths will make you a better manager and leader.
To complete this assignment, you need to do the following:
1. Identify 5-8 people in different life spheres.
2. Ask each person to share two stories about times they have seen you add value. Take notes or record (with permission).
3. Using all of your stories, identify themes about your personal strengths.
4. Compose a “best self portrait” na
ative based on this information. This na
ative should be no longer than one page of single-spaced text.
5. Submit a document with the names of the 5-8 people from whom you collected reflections and your “best self portrait” to the D2L assignment folder by the assignment deadline.
This assignment is worth 20 points. Thoughtful, well-written reflection in your “best self portrait” accounts for 15 points. Providing the names of your sources is worth 5 points.
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