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(Billy 2) TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY DUBLIN CITY CAMPUS _____________ DT6522 DT6524 DT6525 Access & International Foundation Programmes Year 1 ______________ SEMESTER 2 EXAMINATIONS 2019/20 EXAM...

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DT6522 DT6524 DT6525

Access & International Foundation Programmes

Year 1





Introduction to Management

Internal Examiner: Nevan Bermingham

External Examiner: David McCann


Answer all Components

Submission is in Microsoft Word format only

Submission via Brightspace before the deadline – no other method of submission is permitted

Question 1 of 1 [100 Marks]

“When Michael O’Leary was first asked by Tony Ryan to take a look at his struggling airline, the then accountants advice was to shut it down. Nevertheless, after studying the business model of American budget airline Southwest, O’Leary was able to grow Ryanair into the multi-billion euro company we see today.”

-Ryanair. Turnover: €6.6 billion. (Source: CRO, 31st Mar 17.)

Research Ryanair’s management practices with regards to their management practices under the headings below. Describe your research and findings about Ryanair in terms of management theories you learned.

1.Introduction(100 words): Briefly describe your the company and outline the market they operate in with any notable features of this company.

2.Leadership, Motivation and Human Resource Management(280 words): for example, their hiring practices, talent management, leadership style, incentivisation’s and rewards for staff, performance management, etc.

3.Corporate Social Responsibility(280 words): Ethics, CSR Policy, Level of CSR, advantages of their CSR for their brand, etc.

4.Innovation Management(280 words): Examples: The Topology of Innovation, intrapreneurship, innovation management processes, etc.

5.Organisation Structure(280 words): Examples: Mechanistic/organic, tall/flat, etc.

6.Organisational Culture(280 words): Examples: Open/closed, conservative/agile, work environment, why this culture does/does not work, etc.

What you need to do is research and describe how Ryanair implements and applies variousmanagement theoriesto conduct their business.

- Please note that examples or descriptions of the company are not sufficient on their own.

- You must describe the management theory in relation to the research you have found. For example, “CSR” examples without reference to CSR theories that you learned in class will not be awarded marks for this assessment.

- Linking your examples and research to the relevant management theory can take the form of explaining why you think the example is indicative of the suggested management theory in your opinion.

- Ideally you should include forms of illustrations, diagrams, graphs and/or trend data to illustrate your answer where necessary.


· You must use reference (cite the research) in your answer.

· It is expected that you have between 10 (minimum) to 15 (average), but more references is better.

·You are expected to have at least 50% (half) of your references from the lecturer notes.Referencing the class notes simply need to be described after your statement, as in the example below:

…and is an example of disruptive innovation that disrupts an existing market and value network (Class Notes, Slide Pack #2 Innovation, Slide #34)

· High quality references are academic books, journal articles, newspaper of record, articles from industry accreditation authorities.

· Internet blogs, Wikipedia, webpage articles and similar low-quality references are not high-quality references.

Your submission should be inreport stylefollowing the TU Dublin Style Guide. Word count is 1,500, with a plus/minus 10% allowance – not including title page, contents page or references.

Additional Pointers:

· The company you chose must be Ryanair, choosing another company will cost you substantial marks.

· You should never copy and paste from any source:

o Your work is analysed by a plagiarism detector, they are very accurate pieces of software with literally millions of website and articles in their databases to check against your work.

o However, you have to write what other people are saying on the subject, so how you do this if you paraphrase what you have sourced for your research,

o This means you effectively rewrite what they are saying in your own words.

o Everything you paraphrase should have at least one reference, and in some cases at least two reference – i.e. giving it a citation/reference (in APA or Harvard Style)

o Plagiarism of any kind will result in zero marks (see below)

· Please refer to the Rubric on marking on the next page as a guide to marking.

Submission Format:

· Word count is 1,500, with a plus/minus 10% allowance –notincluding title page, contents page or references. Marks are deducted for wordcounts outside this range.

· Your submission should be submitted in a Report Style (not an essay style) with a contents section and proper use of headings.

· Submission without out research (bibliography and in-line citations) will result in loss of marks.

· All work must be original. Any plagiarism which is confirmed will result in loss of marks and disciplinary actions. Please remember, all assignments are tested by the University’s system for plagiarism. Plagiarism includes:

·Copying work from another assessment you already submitted

·Paying someone to do the work

·Asking someone else to help write your work

·Submitting any work that is not entirely, or in part not your effort

· All references used must be in the APA 6thedition or Harvard format.

· Your assessment should contain a title page, and contents (not included as part of the word count) i.e. submitted using the standard TU Dublin assessment template and TU Dublin style guide. Failure to do so will result in a loss of marks.

As this is an open book exam, the following describes what is and is not permitted:

Is Permitted:

What is NOT Permitted:

Use of class notes.

Working in a group.

(this is an individual assessment)

Using internet sites for reference.

Copying sentences or paragraphs from the internet, books or anywhere else.

Using books for reference.

Sharing your work with other students.

Submitted work that is entirely your own research and effort

Asking or getting help from someone else.

Paying someone else to do the work.

Getting someone else to do the work for you.

Submitting work that is not entirely your own effort.

Marking Criteria


(Score 0 if element is absent)

Below Expectations

(Poor) 0-39%

Meets Some Expectations (Fair)


Meets Most Expectations (Good) 56% - 69%

Exceeds Expectations

(Excellent) 70% +


No title pages.

No use of theories

Does not demonstrate understanding of the subject matter.

No demonstrated research.

Demonstrated plagiarism.

Did not demonstrate any analysis or critical thinking of the subject material.

Work was incomplete.

Work insufficiently detailed.

Poor formatting.

Doesn’t use the TU Dublin style guide.

Opinions provided instead of evidence or theory.

Below or above word count.

Very little use of theories

Acceptable level of understanding of the subject material.

Well formatted submission.

Some demonstrated research, but little evidence provided.

Submission was of lower in detail than required.

Very little analysis or insight to company.

Does the bare minimum of effort but meets the minimum expectation.

Meets word count.

Opinions mostly, rather than evidence and theory.

References are poor quality or are not form reliable sources (e.g. blogs, Wikipedia)

Detailed and complete understanding of how theory is linked to any examples provided.

Demonstrate reading or understanding of the subject matter outside the class material.

Good level of demonstrated understanding of the subject area.

Good demonstrated research ability and breath of research.

Demonstrated ability to engage with management theory and understand its application in the industry,

Assertions are fully supported with appropriate evidence and properly documented.

Uses multiple illustration, trends, and data to demonstrate a point.

More than one reference used to illustrate most point.

Shows some critical analysis with all opinions backed up with informed sources and rationale.

Completed beyond the level of work required.

Excellent level of detail in report with a level of detail that shows a deep understanding of the theory.

Demonstrated reading outside the class notes and a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Excellent level of demonstrated research ability and breath of research.

Evidence of excellent referencing in style and quality.

Assertions are fully supported with appropriate evidence and properly documented.

More than one source used to illustrate a point.

Submission was higher in detail and evidence than the other submissions.

Demonstrated ability to engage with theory and understand its application to industry.

Uses illustration, trends, and data to demonstrate a point synergized from multiple sources to back up points made.

Concepts are synergized from multiple sources that demonstrated a deep understanding of the application of theory.

Shows superior critical analysis of synergized theory/concepts with all opinions backed up with informed sources and rationale.

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction    3
2. Leadership, Motivation and Human Resource Management    3
3. Corporate Social Responsibility    4
4. Innovation Management    4
5. Organizational Structure    5
6. Organizational Culture    6
References    8
1. Introduction
Ryanair is one of the Irish airline companies, which was founded in the year of 1948. Headquarter of this airline company is based in Swords, Dublin. According to the reports, it is noticed that Ryanair was the most significant European budget-airline company, as it ca
ied more international passengers than the other airline companies (Christoffer, 2019). Overview of the overall business operations of this airline company, it is noticed that it operates more than 300 Boeing 737 to 800 aircraft. Among all the aircraft of Ryanair 737 -700 are used as a charter aircraft and pilot training. This airline company has gathered its rapid expansion in its business due to its low-cost business model.
2. Leadership, Motivation and Human Resource Management
Cadet applicants compete in the online system of the company. After that, candidates are screened by the third party. Third-party selects are recommended eligible candidates to the HR of Ryanair. Therefore, successful candidates are invited for their interview process. Within the interview, candidates are receiving a pouch, and that includes similar instrument layout, pre-flight setups and profiles that to be used (Mendonca, 2020). Interview process of Ryanair for the selection of candidates in the organization is divided into different sections such as technical, personal attributes and simulator assessment.
For managing talents, within the organizational structure, the human resource department of Ryanair is making the microenvironment internal analysis. This analysis process helps this company to identify the capabilities that are required for the betterment of the organizational operations. In that context, they also applied generic strategies in their services. Overall, generic strategies, which are used in Ryanair for managing talents, are cost leadership and differentiation strategy. Within the organizational structure of Ryanair, the management team of this airline company is following the autocratic and transformational leadership styles. Authoritarian leadership allows the leaders of this company to make their organizational decisions based on their own beliefs (Nowak, 2019).
On the other hand, the transformational leadership helps this airline company to make changes in their overall structure of the organization based on its requirements. Ryanair organizes excellence awards for their employees to offer motivation to them based on their performances in the company (Hoch et al. 2018). In that context, employees are highly trained by the company to provide the highest standards of services. Performance management activities of Ryanair are focusing on multiple areas of their business. In that case, this airline company is developing its customer services, improving the
and of the company, reducing the cost of the services, and that helps to increase earning revenues of Ryanair.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility
Identification of the mission statement of Ryanair is robust but based on the objective of this company, and it can be said that they desired to offer their airline services to their customers based on low prices. Within this context, Ryanair has cut the overall production costs of their services by reducing the damage they have spent in multiple areas such as fuel and re-styling the in-flight magazines from A4 to A5. Therefore, the management team of Ryanair informs their stakeholders about what they believe in the case of performing their business, and it seems to be the ethical behavior of the
Based on the corporate social responsibility policy of Ryanair, the management team of this company has assured its customers to offer airline services with the cheap rates (Rodriguez-Garcia, Orero-Blat &...

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