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BH6006 Organisational Learning and Development Write a reflective essay (1,000 words) in which you discuss your personal response to the module and its assessment, including: Assessment Criteria A...

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BH6006 Organisational Learning and Development

Write a reflective essay (1,000 words) in which you discuss your personal response to the module and its assessment, including:

Assessment Criteria

A complete and perceptive personal reflection on what you have contributed to and gained from the module

Criteria / Quality Indicators
Identification of key learning areas (30 points)
Please emphasis more on ADDIE Model - DESIGN
Explanation of what contradicted / confirmed your prior beliefs and why (20 points)
Discussion of lessons learn about your strengths and areas to develop (20 points)
What might you do different now and/or action plan (20 points)
Structure, grammar, referencing, professional presentation (10 points)

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Manali answered on May 08 2020
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The personal reflection essay aims to demonstrate the learning outcomes and analyse the individual findings after studying the module. The overall experience of the module, Organizational Learning and Development, is very positive, refreshing and knowledgeable. The different modes of learning such as assessments, workshops, lectures, group presentation, self-reflecting journal and individual learning and development report have facilitated the learning process. They have simplified the knowledge acquisition process by considering the technical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive elements of the course. I have utilised ADDIE model to describe my response to the module (Aldoobie, 2015).
Key Learning Areas
The organizational learning and development course focuses on the training and development related aspects of employees in the organization. I have learnt the importance of training and development in the organization and how contemporary training and development programs play an instrumental role in shaping one’s professional lives. Another interesting learning is the collaboration of emerging technologies into training modules that make it sophisticated and learner-oriented. I have also come to know about various on the job and off the job training methods. The leadership development has been an essential topic of the course that has guided me to analyse the qualities of a leader and how to develop them. Leadership qualities can be learned and acquired with commitment and dedication (Childress et al., 1993).
The ADDIE model would help in assessing the module. The acronym AIDDE refers to Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (Aldoobie, 2015).
Design: The various tools such as lectures, workshops, group presentation and discussion threads are systematically managed to facilitate learning. The content is apt and focuses on every minute detail of the topic in a planner manner. Another important aspect is that instructional strategies include the feedback mechanism so that learner can gauge his performance. Lectures are the primary form of delivering the content and are helpful in grasping the knowledge (Kaur, 2011). The present module incorporates lecture as one of the prominent modes of instructions. The lectures have helped in understanding the detailed information of the topic. I have the habit of taking notes. Lecturers under the module are very helpful and act as mentors for us.
The workshops are a rich source of learning. They enable us to gain practical exposure and are based on the concept of learning by doing (Kutner et al., 1991). The workshops have helped in understanding the concept of organizational learning and development. There is a multitude of skills which can be recognized only by practice, for example, delivering learning and development. This can be...

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