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Assessment Task
For the purpose of ca
ying out innovations In Ikea, the existing workplace will be taken into consideration. I will be working with a two major stakeholders who are the managers and employees working within the business enterprise. The workplace of Ikea where the innovation will be implemented consists of professional who are responsible for ca
ying out marketing and promotion of the products and services offered by the
and (Gopalakrishnan and Zhang, 2017). The workplace includes digital tools and techniques which are being used for marketing and promotion of the company. The workspace also includes separate areas for ca
ying out team meetings, discussions and training sessions.
The workplace is located within headquarter of Ikea which is located in Netherlands. Ikea was founded in the year 1943 and it is Dutch based multination group which is indulged into the manufacturing and sales of ready to assemble furniture. The selected organization also deals in the home accessories and kitchen appliance (del Rosario and René, 2017). Over the past one decade, Ikea is considered as the largest retailer of furniture across the entire globe. The reason behind success of Ikea can be termed as its approach towards innovation and sustainability.
The company has always look forward to ca
y out innovations in its products, services and this has resulted in attracting customers from different locations of the world. The other factors which have contributed in success of Ikea include continuous product development, control over cost and pricing strategy adopted by the company. The official website of Ikea consists of more than 12000 products and this diversified range of products has supported the
and in maintaining the interest of customers in the long run (Wang and Rafiq, 2014).
The goal of Ikea is to attain higher degree of satisfaction within its customers by offering innovative and high quality products. The objective of Ikea is to maintain its existing market share...

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