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Assignment Questions You are the owner of a family run business based in London that provides cleaning services to homes, offices and commercial businesses. Your business prides itself in its...

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Assignment Questions
You are the owner of a family run business based in London that provides cleaning services to homes, offices and commercial businesses. Your business prides itself in its commitment to quality service always at affordable cost and has built this reputation over the past ten years.
Using the above scenario, you are to carry out the underlisted tasks:
Task 1
Using the four functions of management approach, describe how you manage the day to day operations of your business activities. How can you ensure your staff continue to deliver on business goals with absolute commitment to quality.
LO1, LO3 (400 words)
Task 2
Suggest a possible structure for your business and highlight the benefits and relevance to the achievement of your business goals.
LO1 (300 words)
Task 3
Several models have been proposed explaining organisational culture. Charles Handy XXXXXXXXXXdescribes four types of culture. From the scenario above, suggest the possible culture of your business based on Handy's model and explain the importance of culture to achieving business performance.
LO2 (400 words)
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Communication plays a key role in business. Discuss 4 ways/strategies you have adopted to ensure effective communication of information in your business and avoid conflict.
LO4 (400 words)
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Table of contents
Introduction    4
Task 1: Function of management approaches    4
Task 2: Structure of business    6
Task 3: Models that are appropriate for organizational culture    6
Task 4: Communication    6
Conclusion    8
References List    9
This paper discusses different management approaches of a business that provide services of cleaning service at home, commercial business and an office. It focuses on a different type of business activities that help to operate day to day performances. The use of different model and interaction with employee helps to gather information and reduce conflicts within them.
Task 1: Function of management approaches  
Describe how manage the day to day operation for business activities. How can it be ensure for staff that continues to deliver business goals with absolute commitment to quality?
Management required specific sources that helps provide guidance in order to achieve the goal and objective of the firm. In order to this, four major function of management helps to increase to ca
y out day to day performances of the firm for achieving the goal. Planning, Organising, leading and controlling are most useful management approach that ca
ied out day to day to operation within the firm.  
Planning is the initial function of management that helps to set up the objectives and forecast the condition after implementing the action. For a reputed firm it is important to provide innovative service that makes satisfy the customer to large extent. Strategic planning helps to increase their service to meet the requirements of the customers.
After planning, organise the plan and
ings the resource together for achieving the goal. In this regards, resource includes funds or materials is required to collect the source that make effective task while implementing. It is important for management of the firm to analysis the priority of resources in an organised way. This provide an opportunity for an organisation for decision making process in future course of action
Figure 1: Four function of management
(Sources: Learner)
After planning and organising the resources, it times to play a role of leader who inspire and provide information to implementing the task. Interacting and motivating employee to deliver the best that helps to increase the growth of the firm. It is the responsibility leader to implement the plan in proper way. In case any conflict arises while implementing it helps to make in decision making process.
Controlling helps to ensure that performances of the staff and employee have been maintaining the standards in systematic way or not. As stated by Goetsch & Davis (2014), controlling helps to measures performances of the staff that analysis the point that is lagging behind. For this reason, this helps to management to records day to day operation over business activities.
Figure 2: Four function of management approaches
(Sources: Learner)
Training, development class, monitoring appraiser are some of the factors that helps to ensure to achieve the goal without compromising the quality of the service. Quality and standards of the service should meet the customer requirement if main motivate for a business firm.
Task 2: Structure of business
Provide a suggestion on possible structure for business and highlight the benefits relevance the achievement business goal.
For achieving success hierarchy structure is beneficiary to establish internal control of the firm in proper way....

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