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Running Head: Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture
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Introduction    3
Part-I (Case Study)    3
Write a report on how should SteelCo structure its architecture function in terms of necessary architecture positions?    3
How many architects does the company need for each of these positions? Provide detailed explanation.    6
Part-II (Determining the Operating Model of a Multi-Profile Company)    7
What are an operating model of MultiCorp and each of its three strategic business units?    7
What business processes are standardized company-wide and within each of its business units?    9
What specific types of data are integrated across the whole company and each of its business units?    10
What are the highest-level structure of the IT landscape in the company and each of its business units?    10
Part-III    10
The core concept of Data and information architects and ho the newly implemented EA is the best option    10
How the Newly implemented software tool would facilitate informed decision making among business stakeholders in FinCorp    16
How newly Installed Tool would contribute to achieving the original objectives of the EA initiatives to improve business and IT Alignment    17
References    21
The report will analyze three reports. Four reports will be submitted together. The initial report will analyze SteelCo's case studies. The second report highlights the basic information of the enterprise architecture in detail by examining the operating model of MultiCorp and its units. The third part of the report examines the available EA model by discovering defects in FinCorp, and then proposes improvement measures to maximize the value of the company's EA equipment.
Part-I (Case Study)
Write a report on how should SteelCo structure its architecture function in terms of
necessary architecture positions?
SteelCo is the biggest steel production business established some ago. At present, at a higher stage, the business is divided into two major departments, called the Alpha department and the Beta department. Both departments are managed by Lebanese Central Headquarters as well as report quarterly economic indicators to the highest quarterly official for their consideration. Nevertheless, in operation, these departments essentially represent independent companies with non-overlapping providers, goods, consumer as well as markets (Be
ada, 2013). Therefore, by applying a diversified operating model at the business level or setting up separate enterprise structures for the two business units, we can plan infrastructure for business. In the previous paragraphs, we will further discuss the various infrastructures of the company's two separate departments. Division Alpha is the large however extremely concentrated manufacturing plant. It focuses on manufacturing only-line products that are directly distributed to a small portion of wholesale consumers through stable SCM a
angements (Iyamu, 2019). The department adopted an instead conservative Information Technology investment strategy, mainly to good automate available operations moreover achieve smooth, efficient, and uninte
upted business procedures. It has the central department of Information Technology that employs around 150 to 180 internal experts and approximately 100 to 120 external contractors work in ancient ways. The Information Technology department is answerable for providing essential Information Technology support in every activity of the Division Alpha value chain, such as production, delivery, sales and warehousing, and several support activities, including human resources, legal and financial services (Kotusev, 2019).
Therefore, for this company, a collaboration-based enterprise framework must be adopted, in which shared processes and data are used to attain good automation of available operations and to achieve a smooth, efficient and uninte
upted business procedure. The architecture frameworks of all main sections of the department should be installed separately to attain the goal of good automating available operations as well as competent business processes.
On the contrary, Beta Beta has a difficult, diverse, and dynamic business. It provides three core product lines, mainly for several market segments moreover consumer teams. These product lines need unique distribution channels, manufacturing processes, sales technique as well as marketing activities (MacCormack et al., 2015). Nevertheless, all goods are manufactured using love raw materials and are components purchased from a similar supplier. Additionally, the consumer bases of these goods overlap, moreover department leaders plan to use cross-selling opportunities actively in the future. Asssociatially, the section beta is divided into three main departments, consistent with the three product lines; moreover, additional support department provides shared department-wide services throughout the core business Human resources, accounting, finance, or IT. Its Information Technology department employs approximately 450-500 IT employees who are qualified for the different methods used in the IT sector of the department. It has an active IT investment strategy and aims to achieve innovative ways of working. The architecture framework of all the main departments of the 3 units and the additional support units must be installed separately from the shared data resources (Masuda et al., 2018).
In terms of the necessary architecture location, the architecture should have practical functions. According to the work here, there are five major kinds of architectural functions.
· Users and functions
· Technical function
· Environmental function
· Economic function
· Symbol function
User and use function
Activities and uses related to functions. Its basic program is a program, which is viewed from a human point of view. The process starts with listening to the customer's needs. Design products according to customer requirements.
Technical Function
To design required product technology, structural and mechanical systems are essential to the function of the architecture (Mohamed, 2018). The architect must have a clear knowledge of the physical processes that support the development and operation of the product itself.
Environmental Function
External considerations involve environmental functions as a react to environment and context. What impact does the environment have on the product? Advanced product progress can reduce the energy needed to maintain indoor comfort or reduce maintenance costs.
Economic Function
From a financial point of view, similar products must be available locally. Product performance efficiency must improve customer satisfaction. The most functionally optimized product is a huge investment for the company’s moreover individual owners.
Symbolic function
The types of certain functions cannot be quantified or expressed in the terms tool, but they cannot be avoided. Therefore, the functions of the architect have different meanings. Understandably, durability as well as practicality is usually related to core values of durability and beauty. The functions of products might change; nevertheless, high-quality products might adopt new uses. The function is the main driving force of Steelco product design.
Types of architect Needed
Few important architects needed here.
How many architects does the company need for each of these positions? Provide a detailed explanation.
Project Architect
An individual who is taking care of the architectural side of the design development documents of the production and specification. These positions relate to the client's needs, designer, and technical staff.
Design Architect
Focus on issues associated with the environment, renewable and non-renewable resources, moreover energy efficiency. Design architects focus on designing products for customers, and they can design complete structures to benefit stakeholders (Qumer Gill & Atif Qureshi, 2015). Their job is to decrease the use of non-renewable resources or reduce the impact of the industrial structure on the environment.
Building Architect
The job is to design the building of a factory in which the machinery will working to provide output. It’s the job of the architect to design the building according to the requirements of the production unit.
Landscape Architect
Specialized in outdoor spacing
The total of 10 architects would be needed for every position, whose details are given below:
IT Architect in Division A
IT Architect in Division B
Production Architect in Division A
3 production architects in department B
Data Architect in Division A
Data Architect in Division B
A Department A Support Unit Architect
Division A Support Unit Architect
Part-II (Determining the Operating Model of a Multi-Profile Company)
What are an operating model of MultiCorp and each of its three strategic business units?
It is essential to know the nature of kinds of architecture methods, standardized systems as well as frameworks in the environment to begin adopting enterprise architecture to provide the basis for implementation (Razavi et al., 2010). The cost incentive mechanism is also significant because it provides enterprise architects with a blueprint for implementing conceptually consistent application and framework reviews and system governance to prevent duplication of implementation or unused resources.
MultiCorp is a diversified, diversified company. In essence, it’s a group company composed of three different strategic departments, which act as an independent business under different
ands in several industries. Hence, for MultiCorp, a diversified operating model must be used. The model based on diversification is based on the fact that there is almost no overlap between business units (if any), common customers or sellers, and the alpha, beta, and gamma of the business units are structurally separate and individual transactions. Similarly, in the diversified business model, the standardization and integration of company processes are also limited (Rábová, 2010). Most IT decisions are made at...

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