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ASSESSMENT TASK 3 Description: Extending your work from Assignment 2, write a XXXXXXXXXXword paper that briefly critiques a global issue (i.e. the issue or challenge you chose for Assessment 2) where...

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ASSESSMENT TASK 3 Description: Extending your work from Assignment 2, write a XXXXXXXXXXword paper that briefly critiques a global issue (i.e. the issue or challenge you chose for Assessment 2) where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realised (approx. 300 words) and then, propose ways to address this challenge (approx. 900 words) in your professional community, locally and especially globally. Emphasis is on your proposed ways of addressing the challenge because some of the critique will have been covered in Assignment 2. Your discussion must refer explicitly to the common good. Page 11 of 19 Please Note: Your discussion should demonstrate how Advocacy and Community Engagement may contribute to your proposed solution. Please see the assessment overview and instructions on LEO for information on the assessment and on late penalties. Due date: Weighting: Length and/or format: Purpose: July 28, 5pm 50% XXXXXXXXXXwords. To demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and understanding of principles of human dignity, advocacy, and community engagement to potential ways to address the challenge of realising the common good in a global context. Learning outcomes assessed: 1,2,3 How to submit: The paper must be submitted via Turnitin as a MS Word document. Instructions explaining how to do this can be found on the UNCC300 LEO page under Assessment > Turnitin Submission Guide. Return of assignment: Assignments will be returned via LEO when final grades are released. If you are unsure how to find your results and feedback you can read how to do this on LEO under Assessment > How to find your results and feedback. Assessment criteria: A rubric outlining the criteria you will be marked on and the standard for each criterion required to achieve each grade for Assignment 3 can also be found on LEO under Assessments > Rubric for Assignment 3. REFERENCING This unit requires you to use the referencing system used by your discipline area. See the ‘Academic referencing’ page of the Student Portal for more details.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Critiquing a Global Issue Involving Shared Responsibility for the Common Good not Being Realised    3
Methods to Address the Challenge within the Professional Community    3
Conclusion    5
References    6
Health workers are often observed to be the risk of violence globally. As stated by WHO, around 8 to 13% of the health workers had suffered from physical violence at a particular point of their lives. Many of them have faced with aggressions both ve
al as well as threats, which involve political violence. The cu
ent study will explore the various methods that can help in addressing this global issue.
Critiquing a Global Issue Involving Shared Responsibility for the Common Good not Being Realised
Nurses play an important role in providing direct service to patients. Further, they play a pivotal role in providing quality services to the patients. However, in spite of the crucial role, which is played by the nurses, in most of the cases the hospitals are unable to provide safety for the frontline nurses (Rowe et al. 2018). There have been several factors, which have been identified contributing in increased risk of workplace violence. These factors can be close interaction with the family of the patient, or an increased level of stress under the clinical setting or it can be due to the lack of adequate number of nurses at the workstation leading to the building of the workload.
Another aspect as pointed out by Rodgers et al. (2017), the increase in the number of female staffs in the healthcare setting and lack in the adequate amount of workplace security within have created a rise in abuse on the healthcare professionals. As mentioned by Scott et al. (2018), there had been a lack of understanding within the hospital administration, which has increased the violence, against the healthcare profession, which in turn, has led to a rise in fear, reduced job satisfaction and loss in organisational commitment.
As reported by Myers et al. (2019), sometimes the work place violence is closely associated with work strain as well as stress instead of physical abuse. This kind of stress results in the psychological abuse, which manifests in the form of illness. As identified by Komaromy et al. (2018), there is a dire need for the initiation as well as realisation in terms of social protection, job control and justice for the health worker to control the abuse.
Methods to Address the Challenge within the Professional Community
As evaluated previously, some of the challenges that were faced by the health workers included various problems that included substandard care as well as malpractices. Several reports were encountered when it highlighted that the Catholic healthcare workers often faced sexual abuse. There had been analysis to explore the reason behind the abuse of health workers, which pointed towards the understaffed hospital workforce, lack of adequate personal safety and ove
urden of worker, contributed in the violence against healthcare workers. Further, this lack of adequate infrastructure in protection against violence has also encouraged an increased in the uncivilised and i
esponsible behaviour from the patients and the patients’ family. Several reports as well as surveillance video highlighted the overwhelming increase in the violent action of the patients that included attacking the healthcare staffs, damaging and
eaking of the hospital properties. In most of the cases, these health care workers are observed to have encountered discriminatory, physical, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse. Another situation that was also recorded to have contributed to the violence against healthcare workers, is when are attacked because of being assumed to be...

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