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Assessment item 2 Consumers as Individuals and Decision Making Value: 30% Return date: 1 May 2018 Length: 2000 words Submission method options – Turnitin Note: Submit your assessment in a Word...

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Assessment item 2

Consumers as Individuals and Decision Making

Value: 30%

Return date: 1 May 2018

Length: 2000 words

Submission method options – Turnitin

Note: Submit your assessment in a Word doc – this is a requirement. Your assessment will not be marked if you submit it as a PDF.


1. Identify social influences from culture, social class and reference groups that are relevant to a product or service the firm or business you work for or that you would like to work for

2. Analyse, then discuss and illustrate specifically in reference to your choice of product or service how the social influences you have chosen impact on the consumer decision process, and then

3. Drawing further on the theories in Chapters 2-4 discuss how marketers (in your firm or the firm you have chosen) can apply this critical understanding (see critical thinking) chosen and make recommendations on how this understanding can improve/enhance your firm’s marketing strategies. You may choose to discuss elements of the four Ps of product marketing – Product, Price, Promotion, Place or if you have chosen a service the 7Ps of services marketing Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Physical Evidence and Processes. You may find it helpful to choose a target market and then decide which element/s of the marketing mix you may need to adapt or change to better reach your target market.

4. Include in your discussion relevant examples from your firm and the marketplace to support your ideas.


1. Give a brief overview of your organisation and product/service

2. Ensure you define the social influences you have chosen

3. Ensure you outline the consumer decision process and that you make a distinct link between the social influence and its impact on the process or elements of the process

4. Use the Four or Seven P extended marketing mix model. You do not need to define each of the elements, but must clearly show the effect of the social influence on the elements of the mix you believe need to be adapted. E.g. You own a restaurant that offers healthy options. A knowledge of the influence of reference groups – friends who aim for a healthy lifestyle – may assist you to better inform your target market about what you have to offer, and then you might decide that the best way to reach them is through social media offers e.g. Come to the restaurant with a group of six … pay for five meals and get one free. You could also look at physical evidence. Does the way the restaurant is set up and furnished reflect the type of food you offer? Perhaps a more casual approach, bit staff are easily identified by the uniforms they wear.

5. Ensure you make recommendations as to how the firm’s marketing strategies can be enhanced.

6. As this is academic writing, it is essential that your work is strongly underpinned by solid research, demonstrated understanding and application of consumer behaviour concepts.

7. Ensure your essay is cohesive with a high integration of theory, example and context that clearly illustrates your knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Deductions will be made for essays more than 10% over or under the word limit.

8. You must reference (cite) the sources you have used. This should be done within the essay and a reference list should be included at the end of your essay (place before any appendices if applicable). Please check your referencing against the APA Guide in the How To folder in the Student Resources folder.

9. At least 10 references are required for this assessment.

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