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Assessment Description Based on the topics covered in Weeks 1-4, you will create an Individual Self-Analysis Journal based on the completion of two evaluative surveys and getting others to complete...

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Assessment Description Based on the topics covered in Weeks 1-4, you will create an Individual Self-Analysis Journal based on the completion of two evaluative surveys and getting others to complete two evaluative surveys on you. You will then use the Johari Window Model of SelfAwareness to discuss the results. Assessment Instructions 1. Complete a self-assessment through the Global Leadership Foundation’s Global Emotional Intelligence Test (GEIT) here: and complete Daniel Goleman’s EQ Instrument from this free online link: 2. Contact two people who know you reasonably well (e.g. work colleagues, close friends, family members). Provide them with the link or hard-copy version of the same two survey instruments and request that they complete the survey as an assessment of you and email their survey results to you once completed. 3. Using the Johari Window Model of Self-Awareness, critically analyse your own findings and those of your associates to reflect on what you have learned about yourself. Write a 1200-word reflective essay (+/- 10% word count) based on the assessment results you have gathered. Discuss key areas of strengths and areas for improvement. Review major differences between your self- assessment and those that you received from your chosen two associates. 4. Your Individual Self-Analysis Journal should include the following three (3) sections: • Critically compare your results with those of the two people who evaluated you. In your analysis, use the four quadrants of the Johari Window; i.e. Open, Blind, Hidden, Unknown (approx. 400 words). • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses based on your own survey results (approx. 400 words). • Reflect on what competencies you would like to develop to function well as a global citizen. Provide practical examples with the assumption you work in a culturally diverse global organisation (approx. 400 words). Your Individual Self-Analysis Journal requires a significant amount of analysis and personal reflection and should be written in the first person. It should include: • Integration of these reflections with theoretical concepts. • A brief discussion of identified strengths and areas for development, presenting your own results, your associates’ results, and a discussion of the patterns, similarities/differences and trends you discover. • Evidence of integration of feedback received from your associates, as well as consideration of your own past experiences and feedback from other sources you have received in years gone by. • A clear conclusion reflecting on how your new insights may assist you with a potential career in a culturally diverse organisation. • A reference list • An Appendix with proof of completed surveys, both yours and your associates’ • Please note that the evidence of the tests is worth 6/30. Further guidance will be available during the trimester • You should consider the Johari Window model by breaking down its four parts and reflecting on how the various quadrants provide a deeper understanding of yourself
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Table of Contents
Using the Johari Window Model with regard to Self-Awareness analysing the findings (Reflective essay)    3
Background of the essay    3
Body    3
Self-Analysis Journal includes the following three (3) sections:    6
Reflecting on the competencies that I would like to develop for functioning well as a global citizen    8
References    10
Using the Johari Window Model with regard to Self-Awareness analysing the findings (Reflective essay)
Background of the essay
Self-evaluation of internal weaknesses as well as strengths is quite vital for an individual for assessing their own behaviour along with the capabilities also assessing relationships with other people. However, there are different numbers of theories and tools that can be quite helpful for an individual for better self-assessing themselves. One of the most significant tools is the JOHARI Window which was mainly developed in the year 1995 by Hary Ingham and Joseph Luft. It is the model that also helps to generate the self-awareness among the individuals by using the four quadrants such as- Open area, Unknown area, Blind area and also Hidden area. I will be using this model in this project and with the help of this model I can effectively self-evaluate my emotions and personality. Furthermore, in this particular essay I will also analyse and contrast the results of the 2 tests that are based on the emotional intelligence with two of my associates. Moreover, JOHARI Window will also be used for critically analysing the findings with regard to the emotional intelligence tests.
Assessment of results that I have gathered
In terms of evaluating my emotional intelligence skills, I conducted two tests that are Global Leadership Foundation’s Global Emotional Intelligence Test (GEIT) along with the Daniel Goleman’s EQ Instrument that is instructed by the college.
As per the Global EI Test Results I scored 5 in Self-Awareness, 9 in Social-Awareness, 9 Self-Management as well as 9 in the Relationship Management. I scored excellently in the following segments Social-Awareness, Social-Awareness along with Relationship Management but I scored lowest in the Self-Awareness segment. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that according to the results I have excellent Social-Awareness with regard to my emotions. I also have good relationship management skills that imply that I am individual who can collaboratively develop resolutions, builds bonds as well as believes in the teamwork. Furthermore, the highest score in the self-management highlights the fact that I am always flexible in terms of adapting toward the changing situations and overcome obstacles quickly. Moreover I always have the readiness for seizing the opportunities and then act accordingly. The results also highlighted the fact that I need to work upon my self-awareness segment (Oelofsen, 2012).
On the other hand, as mentioned earlier I also considered emotional intelligence test (Daniel Goldman’s EQ test), and this particular test was mainly undertaken for evaluating my weaknesses and strengths. My total score is 50 and as per to these scores, my emotional level is quite good, but still I can enhance my scores in terms improving my personal relationships with other people.
The main areas of strengths and the areas that can be enhanced
After analysing the results thoroughly I concluded that I have some main strengths as well as weaknesses but all together I am an emotionally intelligent individual.
My main areas of strength are as follows:
I have scored 9 in the self-administration fragment consequently I have
illiant self-administration aptitudes since I have self-guideline and legitimate poise that gives me capacity for managing my musings, feelings, alongside conduct successfully in different circumstances. Besides, my great self-administration aptitudes are very liable to prepare me for proactively dealing with my expert life ahead so I can set productive objectives just as accomplish it disgustingly (Oliver and Duncan, 2019).
Besides, I have additionally scored 9 in the Social Awareness area so it is very clear that I can comprehend others and check out their interests. Besides, it likewise permits me to frame phenomenal connections just as fellowships alongside that enthusiastic and social prosperity is additionally upgraded.
Thirdly, I likewise scored 9 in the Relationship Management section that shows the way that I am very agreeable. This part additionally expresses that I have solid relational abilities. I generally can get best of others. Moreover, I additionally have capacity for affecting and motivating individuals and help them developing, adjusting, and creating just as settling strife (Rasheed, Younas and Sundus, 2019).
Fourthly, I am additionally a genuinely clever individual as I have great connections just as I likewise discover people moving toward me for the counsel. I...

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