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Assessment 3: Individual Reflective Journal – Individual Assignment XXXXXXXXXXwords) For this assessment, students are expected to write a weekly journal over the duration of the 12-week teaching...

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Assessment 3: Individual Reflective Journal – Individual Assignment XXXXXXXXXXwords) For this assessment, students are expected to write a weekly journal over the duration of the 12-week teaching period that documents a critical analysis of their learning process. In the journal students need to reflect/review how they have progressed with the learning goals related to assessments 1 and 2. Students need to write their individual reflective journal concurrently to performing assessment tasks 1 and 2, i.e. from the first week of the unit. For each week, students need to make journal entries that provide a reflection of their ‘journey’ of gaining, and applying knowledge of the research paradigm. For each week students should reflect and compare the theoretical knowledge with what they apply into practice. As assessment 1 and 2 are completed, students should clearly identify learning goals achieved.
Assessment 3: Marking Criteria: Marking Criteria’s Marks Introduction and Reflective Journal Scope 5 Critically and depth of learning reflections reflective analysis 10 Conclusion 5 TOTAL MARKS 20
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Running head: Individual Reflective Journal
Individual Reflective
Individual Reflective Journal
Student Name
University Name
Introduction    2
Reflection    3
Week 1    3
Week 2    3
Week 3    3
Week 4    4
Week 5    4
Week 6    5
Week 7    5
Week 8    6
Week 9    6
Week 10    6
Week 11    7
Week 12    7
Conclusion    8
For this assessment, I write a journal over the duration of 12-week training period t and include a critical evaluation of my learning process. In this journal, I reflect how I progressed with a learning goal. In this journal reflection, I add my reflective journal at the same time as to performing an evaluation of tasks on ESRC framework.
Week 1
In this week I come to learn how to select a research topic. During my research, I identify my research discipline ESRC framework for research ethics. From his week I learn how to use books, journals articles, conferences articles, government organisations as references for my research. What I learn about ProQuest database is applied for different journals. Australian research council which shows the rank of the journals in all over the world helps me to learn journals factors as well as ranking. It is difficult for me to understand Harvard referencing style, but during this week I see the different type of resources that I need to write my referencing and citation according to Harvard references style. Overall this week help me to improve my topic selection skills and help me to understand how in-text citations are used in my assessment.
Week 2
During this week I select few articles and journals for my research topic some of the items chosen are na
ow, and some are full resources. When my professor checks my question chosen, he advised me that when we are first beginning our research for the study, it's good to start with the full resources. These help me to get an enhanced sense of topic I am looking for and provide me with the stronger knowledge to improve my search strategy. Once I have a better idea of what I am looking for, I utilise specific research tools to na
ow down my search. After that, I use extensive resources for my study.
Week 3
In this week my lecturer shows me some videos that demonstrate, how I write a good literature review. During this week I learn how I effectively present my information in the literature review. My lecturer shows me that I have to write a literature review in a way that my reader's easy access to my research on my study topic by selecting some quality articles which are meaningful, relevant, relevant, and valid as well as summarising them in a complete report. These videos help me to learn how to use keywords and search computer database. The introduction part of the literature review explains focus and also establishes the significance of my study topic; the body part summarises the present state of knowledge in my...

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