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Assessment 2 Business Research Proposal - Individual Assignment (1500 to 2000 words) For this assessment, students are expected to present a written research proposal that is based on the literature...

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Assessment 2 Business Research Proposal - Individual Assignment (1500 to 2000 words) For this assessment, students are expected to present a written research proposal that is based on the literature review (Assessment 1) and demonstrates their understanding of business research/research paradigm. Based on their literature review, students are required to write a business research proposal outlining the details of the proposed research project that addresses the gaps identified in the literature. Derived from the business topic, the proposal needs to include clearly state research questions (primary and secondary), and provide a solid research methodology that supports the feasibility of the research project Marking criteria of the research proposal include: the justification of the research questions that operationalize the research topic; the demonstration of a detailed research methodology addressing research instrument, sample size and sampling approach, research location/s and schedule as well as providing a critical assessment of the limitations of the methodology and the expected outcome of the research project. Assessment 2: Marking Criteria: Marking Criteria’s Marks Research Project Introduction and justification 5 Research Questions and justification 15 Research Methodology 30 TOTAL MARKS 50
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Business Research
Student ID: BCM8210
Student name: Dennis George
Date 26/08/2017
1. Introduction
In this research paper we are analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing business functions. We know the fact most of international business organization are using outsourcing as a productive strategy for attaining the competitive advantage. This paper also analyses the importance of outsourcing and its impact on the overall performance of the company. Most of the companies are also considered outsourcing as an effective method for reducing the cost. Now can analyze the different aspects related with the concept of outsourcing in a detailed way.
2. Project Objective
· To understand the merits and demerits of outsourcing
· To understand the impact of outsourcing in the overall performance of the company
· To identify different factors influencing the outsourcing function
3. Project Scope
By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing business functions the business managers can select the best outsourcing strategy for managing the operations. It also helps for understanding the problems that affect the business operations in a detailed way. This research paper also helps to understand the external and internal factors that affects the overall performance of the organization
4. Literature Review
According to the words of Peter (2015) about 75% of multinational companies are outsourcing their business functions. While taking the outsourcing decision the companies has to consider different factors. By the way of outsourcing the companies can able to reduce the cost of operations and it also helps the companies to concentrate on the core business activities. Outsourcing can be called as strategy of contracting out a profitable business process to the third-party. It is used to explain the operation of handing over power of services to profit firms. The process of outsourcing equally includes foreign and domestic contracting ( Yan et al 2017,p.45). Foreign outsourcing can be called as off shoring. Off shoring in a simple sense, means shift of company business process from one country to another in an effective way. It can take place in different functional areas. Most of the multinational companies follow this practice mainly to reduce the overall expenses incu
ed in these sections of work. Outsourcing or off shoring is mostly done through agencies which further distributes to different employees. The term “outsourcing” first became popular in the United States during the 21st century. At the time of industrial Revolution and the period of capitalism, businesses people searched for new solutions to increase their markets strength and overall growth perspective ( Mosca et al 2017,p.8). .As per the report of Business Insider (2016) most of American companies relay on the method of outsourcing in order to reduce high rate of labor cost. During the period of 20th century, the raising costs of communication, transportation and increase in rates of tax led to practice of off shoring from wealthier countries to less wealthy countries which became financially flexible for many companies. In the mean time during 1947 to 1991 world passed through the phase of economic depression and it affected the all the business groups.
Due to instable economic conditions the companies has to largely depend on other countries like to enhance and expand its trade and other operational activities. It was at this moment, outsourcing and off shoring became famous. As per the report of Fo
es (2016) form 1970’s onwards, most of the companies understand the importance of outsourcing and its impact on the overall business activities. From 1980 onwards most of companies attracted to outsource their work to other countries because cheap availability of resources in an easy way (Goldschmidt et al 2017,p.12) .
Most of the organizations are engaged in the outsourcing process in which they understand the fact, only by focusing the outsourcing the business functions, firm can able to face the challenges in the global market. In the year of 2015 Boston consulting group conducted a survey among the companies, and they understand that, for the coming years, companies have to face the challenges with respect to the outsourcing (Tate et al 2017, p.106). While analyzing the consumer markets in the world, we can able to understand, that every day, there comes a new company with new products and supported by latest technologies, so it...

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